New Moon...New Year...New Beginnings
Hello friends! 

I don't send out newsletters, as often these days, but felt like a quick touch-in and inspiration on this New Moon in Aquarius might be in store. 

I can't emphasize enough how key it is to run with the creative inspiration you have, as it is that creative energy that has the ability to spark new realities and paradigm shifts, not just for yourself, but for the collective.

If you're feeling triggered, appalled, frustrated, or defeated, rise up and harness that potent energy in consistently effective, productive, and healthy ways so that it doesn't get misdirected and can actually be put to good use.

Channel the passion you're feeling into active creation for the highest good.

Engage your imagination to dream up new possibilities and potentials, and to vision more expansive perspectives.

How that looks and will manifest is relative to each of us, but I assure you there's more effective use of your energy and time in discovering the real desire driving those feelings and by doing so you will find your entire life and life experiences shift when you shift your focus from "out there" to "in here". 

You change the world by your choices to change yourself.

It sounds cliche, but until it finally clicks by hearing it again and again, I think we're going to continue to hear it. That's how change takes effect in our lives...alignment meets readiness and suddenly boom! It all makes sense and you can't understand why it didn't before, but it simply just clicks now.

This is how we can reform things by recreating through the vision of our hearts and taking active steps that back them up.

Harmony comes from balance and we all could use greater balance in our lives for sure - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Think about the ways in which energy is outweighed in your own life. 

Where you place energy and focus. 

What is not receiving energy and focus. 

What you don't want more of and what you do want more of. 

Then make adjustments. 

Sometimes these adjustments can be a whole life shift from one way of life to another in order to balance out energies in a bigger way.

This is something that's happened for myself when I discovered my life needed a whole make over. I recently reflected on when this started to really kick in, that change was needed, which was when we arrived home from our two week Alaska trip in August of 2014. 

Upon return home, everything looked different through my eyes. The city and home I lived in felt so foreign and unreal. Everything seemed like a reality that was no longer mine. My eyes saw clearly through to the resonance not there. And my life path focuses were in need of shifting and began to amp up in closure and wind down in making way for the reset button.

And the rest of the story you already know....bringing me to now.

Recently I've been feeling a need to amp up things with my creative projects, both likely for my own timing and needs that are shifting, but directly connected (since everything is) to the collective's needs.

So, I feel like I'll be seeing things move along faster than they have been, which goes along with my seeing a future big intent/goal looming much closer now than I did before, bringing things potentially from like 5 years into the future to 2 years or less now. So that means a lot is moving quickly and likely will continue to do so.

This has continued to reiterate for myself, the need to continue to be streamlined with everything and not have more than one or two things going at once, unlike other times in my life where I've had multiple things going on. So directly funneling things has felt more supportive in many ways, including bringing things about more quickly and not feeling like I'm spread too thin.

Interestingly, I've also felt that energy is still moving in a variety of ways, but not in terms of my path being pulled everywhere, as for the first time I have singular focus there.

So aside from energy moving creatively with work/projects, I am also feeling/experiencing/having percolating energy around home bases, lots of travel upcoming, and energies moving in and out of my life through people, activities, and things.

Recently this had included some welcome surprises like my beautiful crystal skull, Raja Seraphina moving on to a new guardian along with other crystals finding new homes, and a couple of new crystal friends, including a new Netherlands Narnia/Neverending Story-like crystal and orgone dragon finding me.

I've also found myself involved in creating magick wands, scepters, and staves I had no conscious intention of, but here I am doing it while I embrace the challenge and channeled inspiration. I don't know where that's going, but for now I know I have 5 pieces I must create and it's a nice addition with my writing in helping to move the needed energy tied in with it.

Beyond that, yes, I continue to write as I keep receiving that it's the foremost important thing to focus on right now before I can see the rest of my visions unfold, regardless of what does or doesn't become of the story. Energetically, it must be done. It's one of those steps that lead to another, and the next, and so on. 

And so I remain faithfully committed and passionately excited about that and look forward to what continues to get unveiled along the way.

I will say, however, for some time I hadn't seen the future much, but as I shared, I am now, and it is speeding up. 

And although many experience other realities, my focuses are keeping me within the one of my own creation, reiterating to me that we DO create our own realities. This isn't illusion, it truly is happening. We all experience vast differences in how we relate to everything going on around us and this, including the ways in which we are engaging our creative free will, is shaping the world we live in and our direct experience of it.

Multiple timelines and potentials abound.

Wishing you a New Moon of expansive opportunities and continued inspiration for new beginnings in any and all ways you are feeling called to ignite.

In Love & Creative Magick,

Tania Marie

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What's New With Me

As, you know, we've settled down for a while in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada and have been thoroughly enjoying things here. We've had several big storms that each brought feet upon feet of snow....supposedly the most snow in a few decades to hit here. This has made things especially enchanted and good for snow shoeing, snow bunny making, and winter wonderland magick. 

Aside from nature immersion and lots of self nurturing, I've been enjoying lots of creative cooking and baking, working on my book and magickal pieces, continuing to share and connect via my blog, Facebook and Instagram, planning events for our new Tahoe Herbivores Meetup we started, enjoying the company of new friends, getting out to concerts and movies, and clarifying intents and brainstorming the steps for my and our new path. 

We have friends and family coming to visit beginning February 8th and come March a string of travels will begin again for each of the next three months. So lots of movement for sure.

We constantly keep a ritual of daily gratitude and I've made it a must to remain anchored in my center no matter what is happening around me. I'm happy to share this continues successfully and proves to me that we not only can create our own reality, but can also remain at peace while sharing that potential with others.

I've heard about the amazing changes in many of your lives and as always am interested in learning more about what you're up to, so please keep in touch, if you feel so called.