Not The 'Same Old Same Old'
October 2019
Dear Friends, it is time for scarves and sweaters again! As we change seasons and change out our wardrobe, it is time to focus on something new!

Let's be guided by Sunday's New Moon in Scorpio that is spiced with the opposition of Uranus (in case you have already tired of pumpkin spice).

Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

Blessings and peace, Wolfram and Sappho
New Moon in Scorpio
Sunday, October 27, 2019

A new moon is a time of possibility that energizes your efforts to make real, lasting change. 

On Sunday, October 27, 2019, we have a particularly important New Moon in Scorpio (unconscious patterns) that is opposed by Uranus (change) impacting us for the next month.

This combination is perfect for supporting your efforts to establish greater awareness, through encounter, with a conscious pattern that is emerging in your life, rather than doing things the same as in the past in an unconscious way. 

We have a new moon each month and the best way to harness this energy is to deeply understand the story behind the New Moon as illuminated by the individual astrological components. This month, we have the sign of Scorpio and the planet Uranus.

New Moon in Scorpio

Since the New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the new beginnings we encounter at this time will have a potent and important intention:

to find the truth that
leads to healing and inner confidence. 

In the process of seeking the truth, Scorpio is connected to asking questions, but not the “same-old, same-old”. Scorpio asks big questions, deep questions and questions that might break your personal taboos. These are not superficial questions of the external world. These are deep, penetrating questions about yourself.

What is a taboo? It is the prohibition of acknowledging and speaking about a topic. You could say, a taboo is a topic that we somehow always seem to avoid, either consciously or unconsciously. If there is a question you have avoided, maybe this is the time to ask it.

Are there any questions that
you have avoided in the past?

Are there topics that have been “off limits”
that now should be on the table?

Rather than asking: “When will life slow down so I can enjoy myself more?”.

Consider asking questions that turn the focus on you: “What is preventing me from simplifying my world”?

The truth that Scorpio wants you to find
is the truth that exists inside of you.
Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus plays an important role in this New Moon because Uranus opposes the Sun and Moon (see chart).

New Moon
Oppositions bring awareness. 
Uranus can bring SUDDEN awareness.

Scorpio asks the questions,
but not the “same-old, same-old” questions.

Uranus throws open the door to reveal answers,
but “not the same-old, same-old” answers.

This is a time to ask new, powerful, life-changing questions.   So, the question posed above: “What is preventing me from simplifying my world”? 

Scorpio might offer that you were taught by life that you were only appreciated when you were striving for something (the underlying truth). 

Uranus might add a sudden recognition that you can be liberated from old expectations for what success and fulfillment look like and that you might be happier for it.

At its core, Uranus promotes awakening and liberation that result in greater authenticity.  Uranus says that asking new questions can lead to awakening of new possibilities, new opportunities. Likewise, liberating, or letting go of the old habits that have held you back. As always, Uranus is interested in change, something new, something different and more authentic. 

If you think of your role in the unfolding journey of your life, you are the author of your life’s manuscript, in the context of this New Moon, Uranus can be like the first page of a new chapter in the manuscript of your life where life can be different and feel more authentic.

One important note is that it is not about something different just to be different, Uranus wants you to find the authentic you! The core themes in your birth chart contain the messages from your soul of how to discover, embrace and honor your authenticity. 

Uranus in Taurus wants you to discover what is important to you and to trust yourself!

Letting Go – Why is it so hard?

Since both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed energies, they do not naturally want to simply let go. 
One key to loosening their grip is to understand that can be clingy, like that sticky pull of ego.  It feels so real, but is actually an illusion.

If we hold too tightly to an image of ourselves that is not serving us or is not authentic (meaning, it is based on an illusion of self), then we limit the ability of energy, like the energy in a new moon, to penetrate through the “glue” that binds us to the illusion.

I love this image of the man trapped in a net. The net represents the sticky illusion of self that we can’t seem to escape. 

It is limiting, restricting and it wears us down the longer we are trapped inside it. 

Liberation from the net is beyond words and as each section of net is cut we become stronger and more resilient.
Behind The Scenes: The South Node, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn

In the background, we still have this steady march of Capricorn. The South Node, Saturn and Pluto are moving together in Capricorn and carry the embodiment of karma and the “same-old, same-old”. 

This is more than just our habits, but also what we accept or perceive to be limitations. Sometimes these limitations are not only not real, but they seem to block you from trusting your gifts and living life with passion and inspiration. 

If you find that you or others are doubting you, if you are feeling like you are not good enough, or that you are guilty for something you are not responsible for, the South Node, Saturn and Pluto are trying to get your attention and to give you an opportunity to do something about it. 

While the South Node, Saturn and Pluto are reminding you of your past, they are not demanding that you to remain stuck in that past. Their job is not to get you unstuck from the past however. That task belongs to you.

The Scorpio New Moon oppose Uranus is the new beginning to turn the page, to ask the question you have been resisting, to trust yourself and know that the future holds wonderful opportunities. 

When you ask the question, you just might be turning the page to a new and more authentic chapter of life. Be daring! Trust yourself! Know you can do it! Ask the question and turn the page! That new chapter can be better than the “same-old, same-old”.

Deep Soul Journey
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As our journey through life unfolds and, most importantly, as we evolve, our understanding of self deepens.

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Your Personalized Transit Review
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As this speedy year comes to a close, consider a wrap up of 2019 and look ahead in preparation for 2020.

The planets are constantly in motion.

Your birth chart was fixed at the moment of your birth.

As the planets move through the sky, they transit your fixed birth chart, making a variety of connections. That is what is meant by the term astrological transits.

The most important transit
is the one happening right now and
what you do in response to it.

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