Jan /22 / 2018
Make 'em fast!  
Birkie Trail, 1/17/18      Photo: Ian Finch

Winter wonderland. North End Trails, 1/17/18    Photo: Ian Finch

It Warmed Up, But Just Wait...
Yeah, the severe cold of an early January may be a distant memory, but we nordic skiers know better, right? This week we continue with the cold weather preparedness theme, covering eye and face protection. John Bauer's recent win at the Masters World Cup reminds us that it's OK to race on freshly stone ground skis.  Once your skis are ground, Ian Harvey from Toko US covers an easier way for make your skis fast with Toko Jetstream fluoros. And just for fun, CAMBA releases a fun, video short featuring the amazing fat biking trails in the Hayward/Cable Area. New Moon co-owner, Chris, takes a good digger about half way through the vid! We hope you all are out enjoying winter... 
Cold Weather Prep - Part 2 
Frost Tape transcends style while protecting delicate facial skin.  Photo: Kelly Randolph
Now that our hands and feet are cozy and comfortable, let's talk about keeping our skin and eyes protected and safe from the elements. If you didn't read part one...

Prime Time To Grind!
John Bauer wins the Masters World Cup on freshly ground skis from New Moon.  Photo:
Today's stone grinding methods allow racers to minimize post-grind wax prep and ski with confidence on newly ground skis...

Fast Fluoros, the Easy Way!
  Toko Wax master, Ian Harvey, recently revisited the gamut of flouro wax application methods and offers sage advice for simple and safe application.

CAMBA's Big FAT Winter Video

If this doesn't make you want to try fat biking, nothing will.  Stop in at New Moon and give it a go! And, yes, that's Chris taking a digger at 0:55.

Plan Ahead!!!
Oh yeah, It's almost that time again! May we suggest you leave the stress of Birkie Waxing to us and relax  & enjoy Birkie Week for a change of pace?! We make skis fast, really fast. Our wax team is constantly out testing  and obsessing so you don't have to. Options for the Birkie, Korte, And Prince Haakon races.
Lost in the Seeley Hills at the CAMBA Big Fat Race. 1/20/18    Photo: TJ Barnes

Seeley groomer, Tom Gaier, goofing off between race finishers 1/20/18   Photo: Chris Young