Jan /29/ 2018
Indulge your Digits! 
Birkie's Easy Strider classic trail at OO. 1/16/18  Photo: Ned Zuelsdorff

The cold is back and it's NOT too late to update those old gloves!
Warm hands can make or break a ski outing. We stock a lot of glove options at New Moon, but Toko is a stand-out, offering a comprehensive line of Nordic-specific gloves designed with input from skiers just like you and me. Toko US Brand Manager, Ian Harvey, reviews the Toko Glove line for this season. Also, the Birkie Bridge makes an appearance at the 2018 Super Bowl in downtown Minneapolis. For the fat bike fanatics, Greg Heil of covers the key rules for sustainable fat fun. The crew at New Moon sincerely hopes you are enjoying this winter season. Please let us know if we can help!  -Chris  
Indulge Your Digits with Toko Gloves!
Ian Harvey has been in charge of the Toko Glove line-up from its inception and shares a brief video of the various models available this season.

Super Bowl Birkie!

 If you haven't seen this yet, The Birkie Bridge has made the trip to downtown Minneapolis for the 2018 Superbowl Festivities. Add to that nearly a kilometer of manmade snow and a Pisten Bully Groomer and you have the makings for a midwest-style winter party! Here, Birkie Director, Ben Popp, and John Munger with the Loppet Foundation...

Fat Bike Etiquette 101 - Important Stuff!
Just an hour later, and she'd have been walking out due to warm temps. It's critical for riders to respect these basic rules for sustainable trails.  Urenholdt Trailhead, Seeley, WI.  Photo: Chris Young
Here's a nice summary of some simple dos and don'ts for we fat bikers. In the Hayward/Cable metro, we often have softer snow conditions than more populated areas. The points about low tire pressure, walking on the side of the trail, and waiting after grooming are key for good trails.   

Trail Report
Almost lost in the clouds. Birkie Trail, 1/24/18.  Photo: Ian Finch
Our Area had a brief warm-up last Friday. Trails glazed up a bit but were otherwise undamaged. Sub-zero temps have since returned, and groomers are busy renovating the trails. Cold temps are forecast for this week, and trails should return to excellent condition shortly.
Right Around the Corner...
Oh yeah, it's almost that time again! May we suggest you leave the stress of Birkie Waxing to us and relax & enjoy Birkie Week for a change of pace?! We make skis fast... really fast. Our wax team is constantly out testing and obsessing so you don't have to. Options for the Birkie, Korte, and Prince Haakon races.

Pre-Birkie & North End Classic Wax Clinics - 2/9/18
Join us at New Moon Friday afternoon, February 9th for our Annual Pre-Birkie and North End Classic Wax Clincs. From 3 to 5:30 PM, John Bauer and Dan Meyer will cover their waxing recommendations and techniques for these popular races.
2018 Hayward Lions PreBirkie - 2/10/18
One of the great traditions of Midwest racing. Known for its fast, rowdy start on Lake Hayward and seemingly endless climbing up to the OO finish. Classic and skate divisions with long and short options. Always a great atmosphere and good food at the finish. Early hours on race morning at New Moon.
North End Classic - 2/11/18
Go for the double in Cable the next day at this fun, low-key gem. Race proceeds fund grooming  at the North End Trail System. Any classic skier will love this one. Long and short options including the Cookie Classic for the young ones. The North End Ski Club is known for their exquisite trail grooming and off-season maintenance efforts.
A lovely Monday morning on the Birkie Trail. 1/29/18    Photo: ABSF Web Cam

Pisten Bully grooming perfection. Birkie Classic Trail. 1/18/18    Photo: Ned Zuelsdorff