Feb / 6 / 2018
The Countdown Begins!    
Perfect cord thanks to Birkie's brand-new Pisten Bully 400 Groomer.
World class grooming for a world class trail! 2/3/18  Photo: Jeff Tumbleson
It's getting hot in here!
Are you feeling a feverish yet? With only a couple of events left before the Birkie, things are heating up around here. New equipment, new apparel, new discounts are all on tap at the Moon for the month ahead, including a last chance at the Swix Triac 2.5 Poles. This week in NMN, we'll explore the different personalities of each wave of the Birkie. Make sure to take a look at the list of upcoming events - I'm sure there are a few that will be of interest. Or... you can always just drool over the trail pics.  Have a great week! -Judy
What's In A Wave?
Birkie Classic Wave 1 Start.   Photo: James Netz

Not all waves are created equal. What makes each wave special?
Find out what your wave's all about.

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Triac 2.5 Poles - $299 - Last Chance!
John the Dane says: "Get a pair of Triacs - they are awesome!"
Fresh off the plane from the Swix Pole factory in Lithuania - these are likely the last
Swix Triac 2.5 Poles we will see.  At $299, this is a great deal - the 2.5s were originally $449 when they hit the market a couple years back. Triacs are amazing tools for speed on the trail. Racers crave the sheer stiffness, efficiency, and feather-light feel of the Triac. You
can buy speed!  One need not be a racer to appreciate them, though. Any nordic skier will benefit from a light and stiff pole, as long as crashes are not too frequent ;-) Seriously, though, light poles are key to good technique and will save you a bunch of energy for the push to the finish line!

If you've thought about splurging on a really nice set of ski poles, here's your chance. When they're gone, they're gone!

Our Area had a brief warm-up last Friday. Trails glazed up a bit but were otherwise undamaged. Sub-zero temps have since returned, and groomers are busy renovating the trails. Cold temps are forecast for this week.
Leave the stress of Birkie Waxing to us and relax & enjoy Birkie Week for a change of pace?!  We make skis fast... really fast. 
Our wax team is constantly out testing and 
obsessing so you don't have to.  

    2/10   Hayward Lions PreBirkie
    2/11    North End Classic
    2/17   Book Across the Bay
    2/18   Fischer Twin Skin Demo 
A magical downhill at Rock Lake Trail. 2/3/18    Photo: TJ Barnes