Post-Birkie 2018 
That was simply awesome! 
2018 Birkie Classic Elite Men's lead group at 54K.  Lake Hayward, 2/24/18.  Photo Chris Young
Jeff's smile is a familiar sight this winter and a reliable indicator of the grooming conditions. If you're wondering how skiing is right now, well, have a look!   Birkie Trail, 3/1/18.   Video: Jeff Tumbleson
Birkie 2018 Recap
That was fun. The Birkie, Korte, and Haakon Races all came off this year as did the usual last-minute panic over new snow, what wax to use, lost equipment, etc. But, that's what makes it all so special. No two years are exactly the same.

The Korte and Haakon events finally got their long-over due Friday, Main Street Finish debuts only after last year's cancellation last year and a potent little snow storm just  hours before the Friday morning start. Those skiers had tough trail conditions, no doubt. The groomers worked all night to pack the new snow, but it was just a bit too much to get firm for race day. Hey Korte and Haakon skiers - you earned this one, big time. Nice job on a tough race!

Aided by an extra 24 hours of grooming and a few thousand Korte racers the day before, Birkie Skiers enjoyed a considerably faster trail. Male Skate Champ, Anders Gloersen's 2:02 time backs that up. That's a FAST Birkie. So fast, in fact, that Gloersen entered the final kilometer with a huge pack of 25 other elite men and the women's elite lead group including now 5-time Womens' Birkie Champ, Caitlin Gregg! Caitlin's husband, Brian Gregg was able to ski the final Ks with Caitlin and crossed the line at her side!

The New Moon family thanks everyone that made Birkie '18 part of their life last week! Race organizers, groomers, volunteers, spectators, skiers, EMTs, ... the list goes on. Let's do it again in 2019!

In this week's newsletter  Chris checks back in with our friend and World Loppet Master, Jay Weiner. A year ago, Jay offered us a look inside the pursuit of the World Loppet Nordic Ski Series. His 2018 Birkie finish, with a broken hand, no less, completes Jay's 14th World Loppet Passport. He can still claim more World Loppet finishes than any other American - 144 to be exact! Jay's finish yesterday at the  Swedish Vasaloppet marks 20 years since his first World Loppet finish! 

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One more big thanks for the great Birkie Week! We look forward to 2019!

Birkie Praise from World Loppet Master,  
Jay Wiener, again!

Last February, with a dicey weather outlook looming for the '17 Birkie, we visited with Jay Wiener. Jay is a rather extraordinary individual with the unique distinction of currently holding more World Loppet finishes than any other American. A year later, with a real winter and a successful Birkie behind us, Jay sums up his recent experience and discusses what makes the Birkie so special. Readers may want to first read the 2017 article HERE.

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- Fat Bike Birkie Report!  -
Conditions are perfect for Fat Bike Birkie. Ben, Kurt, and Terry give you a
first-hand look!  Birkie Trail 3/2/18. Video: ABSF
The Situation: 
Intensive grooming and preparation efforts are well underway for the 2018 Fat Bike Birkie!

Forget the dirt and ice in the rest of the Midwest - snow conditions are perfect for a fast and fun event!

Studded tires will likely not be necessary with ample snow and state of the art Pisten Bully Groomers.

Birkie 2018, on the lake.
Photos by Chris Young

Caitlin Gregg marks Sweden's Maria Graefenings enroute to her record, 5th Birkie win. Congrats, Catilin!

John Bauer concentrates with minutes left.

Fast conditions meant large groups were the norm.

Classic Elite Men on the lake.

Saving for the finish!

Sit-skier & guide at 1000 meters out. 

70+ Birkies between them! Inspiring.