New MCR IQ Motor Control Board and MCR IQ™ Application

Theia Technologies’ MCR IQ™ Motor Control Board series and new MCR IQ™ application facilitate operation of Theia's motorized lenses, allowing users to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and optional IR filters. Theia’s motorized lenses are designed for use in high detail imaging tasks such as ANPR or OCR in intelligent traffic systems. The motor control boards include the MCR IQ™ application with graphical user interface (GUI) and Python module to easily send and receive commands from the board for rapid and convenient evaluation and integration of the lenses. The user doesn’t have to worry about formatting the commands for the board. For more details please see the operator's manual, as well as the CAD model.

Download MCR IQ™ Motor Control Board Specification

Theia's Motorized Zoom and Focus Lenses




Theia’s motorized lenses come in 4-10mm, 9-36mm, and 12-50mm focal ranges, provide up to 12 megapixel, 300lp/mm resolution and are excellently IR-corrected from 435 – 940nm to maintain their high-resolution performance in the near IR spectrum. The lenses are offered in manual, DC Auto, or P-iris versions, in CS, C mount, and D25 board mount depending on the model. The lenses cover up to 1/1.7” or ½.3” sensor formats depending on the model. The fully motorized lenses come with motorized zoom and focus and combinations with optional integrated IR cut or bandpass filters and photo-interrupter motor stops. The motorized lenses allow for remote set up and occasional zooming and re-focus. 

Download Motorized Lens Brochure

Theia's Individually Calibrated Motorized Lenses

Theia's line of individually calibrated motorized lenses provide lens-specific optical performance data to enhance image processing and improve image quality. Calibrated versions of our motorized lenses help simplify camera setup for applications with variable camera positions and object distances, like Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Mobile ITS applications for ANPR and other setups which require more flexibility. Please contact us to discuss becoming a beta customer.

Watch Calibrated Motorized Lens Presentation

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