Volume 2020-09 | September, 2020
Greetings Harpists, Harpers, and Harp Lovers!
We've entered the Autumn season of 2020. We know things are not what many of us had hoped for at this time, but trust that some good will come of it, and that things will take a good turn.

Reba has Retired! Many thanks to Reba Lunsford who has been a loyal Melody's employee for 23 years! Thank you for everything, Reba! Enjoy your retirement! See the FB announcement HERE

So be patient with us as now it is just John at the shop, with Mary working on the website and teaching.
Before we talk about new titles at Melody's, we wanted to share with you about our new website. It looks like after many months of building, it will be ready to launch in about 2 weeks. Read more about this below, but for now, please save your wish list however you are able, because that will be gone. Additionally, if you have downloads you have not yet acted on, take care of those, because those web records will be gone. We will have a record, of course, of everything you have purchased over the past years on that site, but if you want to check what you've done, please do so very soon.
We have a few new titles!
Abide with Me and more from Sunita Staneslow

Ten Tournier Pieces - edited by Carl Swanson

From Angi Bemiss:

in C and Eb - link is to the Eb version.

More from Angi Bemiss:

Our new website has been a long time in coming. The current site, folkharp.com, has some very old code that cannot be updated. That's why it still says "June" on the front page; we cannot open the module to change that. Nor can we add sound files because that module won't open. For the new site we chose to use the woocommerce platform because it is more common, and in the event we retire, anybody would have a fairly easy time working with it.

Mary (with many helpers) has built the site pretty much from scratch which is why it has taken such a long time. The new site will have a wishlist and a better functioning gift card option. Your current gift cards will be handled manually, or they might be transferred to the new version. They will not be overlooked. The new site was built at "theharpstore.com" with the idea that we would change it over to "folkharp.com" but we have been advised to "redirect" folkharp.com to theharpstore.com. In case you may see that and wonder.

PDF and their corresponding paper music books will be listed as one product and you will choose which version you want to purchase, paper or download. Music that is PDF download only will have a badge saying "PDF ONLY". Images did not transfer well, and you will see that some images are very small. We decided to let that go and work on that project after the site is live.

All that being said, anytime a new site is launched, there are a few hiccups, so we appreciate your patience. One nice feature is that our BLOG will be incorporated into the new site. So you'll see all this in about 2 weeks. There will be new music, too, such as Kim's new book, and PDFs that were not listed before.
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
John & Mary