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March 27, 2016

Dear Friends,

We join you in welcoming Spring with its flowers, warmer weather and busy-ness. And we hope you are having a very pleasant weekend doing things that make you happy.

There are many new additions to our website, and here are just a few:

Music from Holly Press, arranged for pedal harp and flute (or flute and violin) by Holly Avesian:

A Collection of Favorite Melodies - for harp with one or two other instruments:  
Beautiful Dreamer - Foster | To A Wild Rose - MacDowell |  On Wings of Song - Mendelssohn |  Minuet - Boccherini |  Lieberstraum - Liszt |  Minuet in G - Beethoven

The Krumpholtz Sonatas for pedal harp and flute or violin: 

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (ped. harp and flute or flute and violin)

Handel Sonata in F Major (pedal harp plus 2 treble instruments)

Service Music -  for harp, flute, and violin. Includes score, flute, and violin parts. (Intermediate) -  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Sonata in D, K. 69 -  Franck, Cesar: Panis Angelicus -  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ave Verum Corpus

A Treasury for Flute and Harp in Three Volumes:


New from Cindy Horstman

Wade in the Water for 3 Harps |   Angelica for Solo Harp | Carillon Wave for Solo Harp | Green and Blue for 3 Harps | Jazz Theory Workbook for Harpists | Snow Daze for 3 Harps  --  Cindy has more arrangements available, and we'll have them up soon. This is a good start!


From Julie Keyes -   Glissando Waltz for 2 or 3 Harps | Two Mexican Dances for 2 or 3 Harps - this selection is being used for the Summer Harp Camp held at Houston Baptist University.  


Julietta Rabens Moore New technique books from Julietta Rabens!  Technique at Your Fingertips in Four Volumes:

Technique V1 | Technique V2 | Technique V3 | Technique V4 - these books coincide with her  "Classics at Your Fingertips" Series.   Due to the popularity of the technique books, we're sorry to say we are backordered on volume 1, but will get them back in stock asap.


From Sylvia Woods:   Photograph | When You Say You Love Me.  We also now carry Sylvia's fingering book, but are out of stock at this time due to its popularity.  We'll have more soon.  Thanks for your patience. 


A beautiful new book by Carol Wood, "The Wheel of the Year".  These beautiful melodies link poetry, ancient celebrations and the harp.

Lastly, out of stock for awhile, now these excellent books are again available!  Robin Arioto Fickle is the newest artist for our in-house publishing company, Afghan Press Music for the Harp. .  

Thanks for reading this far! 
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Your friends at Melody's!
Brought to you by Melody's Traditional Music & Afghan Press Music for Harp. Thanks for reading down this far!  Have a great and harpy day!