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A story about how your support matters from the Homeopathy Today Summer 2021 issue ...
Diagnosed with psoriasis at age four, Willow spent most nights in bed scratching her skin until it bled. Over time, Willow used dermatologist-recommended creams, foams, and shampoos with little relief. Faced with the decision to start their seven year-old daughter on immunosuppressant therapy or not, Willow's parents sought help and discovered homeopathy in a naturopathic clinic.
Mom was especially worried about Willow starting school, fearing the emotional effect if other kids teased or bullied her about her “spots.” Thanks to homeopathic care by the naturopath, Willow’s lesions had begun to fade and heal by the time the school bell rang.

NCH's main goal is to help people like Willow's parents more easily navigate the search for health alternatives. Read more about Willow in Homeopathy Today Summer 2021.
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