National Camp Series


Tomorrow, September 1st, we will be launching our newly redesigned website.  Along with this will be our new KIX Rating System.  We have been working several months on developing a formula that will OBJECTIVELY rate your ability based solely on your performance at our NCS events.
  NCS KIX Rating System

We will rate our student-athletes using a 100 point scale, which correlates with percentile. For example, if someone has a Kick Off rating of 95, then they fall into the 95th percentile of all Kick Offs. The same principle applies for Field Goals and Punts.


Our algorithm crawls your events and weighs the most recent event the heaviest, and so on.  Why? Because, it is how you are kicking now, not one or two years ago as well as demonstrating consistency while progressing.


The 100 point scale will be the most important variable in the KIX, but we will still assign Star Ratings based on the following:

  • 5 Stars (90-100)
  • 4 1/2 Stars (80-89)
  • 4 Stars (72-79)
  • 3 1/2 Stars (65-71)
  • 3 Stars (55-64)
  • 2.5 Stars (<54) 

Why are we using an objective approach? As a society, we now have the ability to efficiently gather statistics, analyze them and make informed decisions. Everything in the kicking game is based around numbers:

  • NCS Field Goal Points/Field Goal Percentage
  • Hang time on Punts and Kick Offs
  • Distance on Punts and Kick Offs
  • Hand 2 foot, get off time for Punts
  • Punt snap time
  • Ideal distance for perfect laces on Field Goals
Everyone's ratings will be affected in one way or another, however, this will even the playing field and will allow you to take complete control of your kicking destiny.

The NFL is a "results oriented business." The same applies at the college level. With the cost of college tuition exponentially rising, if a college program is going to offer scholarships valued at over $150,000, they'd better hope that they select the best prospects for their program.  NCS' KIX will help to ensure that they do...

Team NCS