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The Olympics! 

Summer 2016     

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Dear Friends,
With the summer Olympics around the corner, I'm reminded how being a health care provider is a lot like an being an endurance athlete. There's the extensive training, the cultivation of patience when working with chronic illnesses and of course, the work on the psycho-emotional parts of practice. We experience the exhilaration of helping someone. There is also, as the announcer Jim McKay would describe many Sundays of my childhood when our family tuned into the ABC's Wide World of Sports, the similar "agony of defeat" feeling when a patient does not do as well as we hope.

I enjoy working with elite athletes and seeing how homeopathy and natural medicine help enhance performance, decrease recovery time from both typical exertion but also from injury and just as importantly, assist with the mental game.

I hope you have the chance to tune in and watch some competition and enjoy the world community of athletes searching for excellence through sports. What follows is a piece about treating elite athletes. We have so much to offer!

Happy Summer,

Amy Rothenberg ND (& Paul Herscu ND, MPH)

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I want to be in the Olympics: Gymnast Homeopathy
gives elite athletes an extra edge 
By Amy Rothenberg ND

One hot day in 1972, my family sat spellbound around our Magnavox television. Wide-eyed on that cool linoleum floor, we watched Olga Korbut, the spritely Belarusian gymnast, strike a poised position to begin her floor exercise routine. It was the Summer Olympics and this ambassador of goodwill with the remarkable athletic ability was smiling broadly and captivating the crowd. The music began, and I stared enraptured at her muscled physique as she ran fast, then flipped, twirled, and danced, performing seemingly impossible feats before ending triumphantly. At that moment, I remember the distinct thought: I want to be in the Olympics!

Of course, only a select handful of athletes make it to that elite level. The rest of us, at best, enjoy the friendly competition of a pick-up game of basketball or a swim in the lake, or perhaps we drag ourselves to the gym to get on the treadmill. Although I never realized my childhood vision of becoming an Olympian, little did I know that 36 years later, I would be privileged to work with some high level athletes who devote most of their waking hours to perfecting their sport. I find it gratifying to use my homeopathy and natural medicine know-how to help these athletes recover from workouts and injuries more quickly, eat optimally, and avoid or get over acute illnesses more effectively. I also enjoy offering support with regard to the mental part of their pursuit, as they strive to reach personal and professional goals.

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- For beginners: fast learning curve that emphasizes organization & understanding
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A mherst, MA: October 7-9, 2016  
      Topic: What the Heck's Wrong with My Patient? We we are going to talk about those patients we're not helping, or not helping as much as we'd like, and will delineate our strategies and highlight specific areas of decision making during your case taking and case analysis that will help you with these patients. 

Seattle, WA area: November 19-20, 2016 & January 21-22, 2017
     Topic: Burn Out & Associated Syndromes
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