NSENG's Upcoming Workshop & Webinar
1) WORKSHOP on " How to Create & Implement an Effective Job Search Plan "... Fri June 28, 9:15am-1:00pm at the Glenview Library
There are 2 great u pcoming opportunities to help accelerate your job search efforts-- register now so that you can reserve your spot.

1) WORKSHOP: Fri June 28, 9:15am-1:00pm ... "Creating & Implementing an Effective Job Search Plan" . Click here to register for this very instructional session that is led by Marty Gilbert, NSENG Founder & CEO. The session includes:
  • What a job search plan should contain and the order of initiatives
  • How to write your brand and value proposition
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile advice
  • How to define your audience and build a target company list with key contacts 
  • How to build a marketing plan that reaches your targets
  • How to create more buzz on LinkedIn
  • How to network more effectively
  • How to develop an effective weekly routine
  • Setting job search goals and tracking your progress

Here are a few comments from people who have attended this workshop:
-- "I've been through two outplacement programs that weren't as well presented and practical as this workshop. So helpful."
-- "A very practical, tactical and well-organized presentation that's extremely helpful. Marty's encouraging nature is very welcoming and engaging to his audience."
-- "Very helpful tips on developing the right kind of job search plan. Great advice on how to create an effective search routine and targeted approach."
2) WEBINAR: Tue July 8, 7:00-8:00pm ... "Speaking with Greater Confidence During Job Interviews, Networking Meetings & Presentations" . Click here to register for this webinar that is led by ELIOT SHAPIRO , co-founder of EMS Communications. This session covers:
  • How to engage listeners with confident body language during interviews.
  • How to avoid wishy-washy words and nervous tendencies when speaking.
  • Easy exercises for building “muscle memory” to help you perform better under pressure.
  • How to outperform your competition when you present with authority.
  • Learn a daily workout plan for practicing better communication skills.
  • How to come across more authentic & learn what to do, not what to avoid
All webinar registrants get a recording of the webinar that they can playback as often as you like so attendance isn't mandatory.

Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach
Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach
NSENG is an independent organization & not affiliated with any other networking groups. There are over 5,000 members & 10 members landing a new job each week.