Okay.  We have solved the restaurant issue for now.  We are going to a new place. This was a knockout Luncheon Society gathering in both LA and SF.  It will be the same in Manhattan. 


Here is a great interview with Paul Jackson and Tracey Jackson in Vanity Fair





This will be a two-course "Lite Luncheon."

The Luncheon Society

Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson



Gratitude and Trust

Six Affirmations that will Change Your Life

Paul Williams

Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe Winning Hall of Fame songwriter

President of the American Society o Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)

Graduate of UCLA Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certification

Served on the Board of Directors of the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.


Tracey Jackson

Screenwriter, Journalist, and blogger

Confessions of a Shopaholic, The End of the Line

Author, Why 50 is not the new 30

Blogs on TraceyJacksononline.com 


Join us for a wonderful conversation how recovery can be used in our daily lives. 

You don't have to hit rock bottom first. 


Thursday November 13, 2014



Ristorante Asellina

420 Park Avenue South

New York, NY 10016




12:00 PM




NY Luncheon Society 

This is a fantastic book and the luncheon will be a kick.  


Do join us. To RSVP; [email protected]




Bob McBarton

Chief Conversationalist 

The Luncheon Society


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#140You: Something Needs To Change And It's Probably Me
Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson
Something Needs To Change And It's Probably Me


Oscar- and Grammy-winning songwriter Paul Williams is an alcoholic. Successful screenwriter and author Tracey Jackson is not.


Together, these two close friends have written Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (Blue Rider Press / September 2014), applying the principles of the recovery movement to help countless individuals who are not addicts yet seek effective help with their difficulties - credit card debt, anger issues, a victim mentality - and pain. Williams and Jackson have designed a new, positive program, based on Six Affirmations of Personal Freedom, to guide you toward conquering your vices, addressing personal dysfunction, and starting to brighten the darkest moods, to find contentment and happiness.

Williams, the multi-award-winning songwriter, actor, and performer, has embraced a traditional alcoholism recovery plan for more than two decades of sobriety. Jackson, a well-known TV and film writer-and veteran of many years of traditional therapy-though never an alcohol or drug abuser, has struggled with other negative behaviors to numb her pain such as men, cigarettes, and over-spending. Jackson realized that many of the tenets of Williams's program could apply to her and in Gratitude and Trust, the authors answer the questions: What happens to those who face vexing problems yet are not full-blown addicts? Are there any lessons to be learned from the foundational and time-tested principles of the recovery movement?

Whether you're tethered to your phone or you use food for comfort; whether you're a perfectionist and can't let things go or are too afraid to fail to even try; whether you can only find intimacy online or you've been involved in a string of nasty relationships-the first step toward feeling better about yourself and your life is the realization that you are what's standing in your way. Williams and Jackson's Six Affirmations of Personal Freedom include:

Something Needs to Change, and it's Probably Me

  • I Don't Know How to Do This But Something Inside Me Does
  • I Will Learn From My Mistakes and Not Defend Them
  • I Will Make Right the Wrongs I've Done Wherever Possible
  • I Will Examine My Behavior on a Daily Basis
  • I will live in Love and Service. Gratitude and Trust.
  • Together these affirmations make up a set of tools to break bad habits by recognizing the behavior
Only one question-are you in?


The Lunch

The Luncheon Society gathering with Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson will take place in Manhattan on Thursday November 13, 2014.  The lunch will begin at 12:00 pm and will run for about 90 minutes.


The Restaurant.

The luncheon will take place at Ristorante Asellina in Manhattan. We will be meeting in their private room.  The restaurant is located on 420 Park Ave South. The phone number is 212.317.2908  The website is  http://togrp.com/reservation/asellina-nyc/ 




The Price.

Like in all TLS events, we basically split the check. Based on conversations with the restaurant, the cost for this gathering will be $50. Cash is preferred. You can bring along a friend if you'd like.


Where to Park.

Its Manhattan and you'll know what to do.



Paul and Tracey will graciously sign copies of his book



Sometimes, as they say in the movies, life intercedes. If you wish to attend but have a change in plans, please let me know 72 hours prior so that I can inform the restaurant.


Dining Choices

We are building out the two course menu for the event.  Please let us know of any special dietary requests.




Paul Williams is an Oscar-, Grammy-, and Golden Globe-winning Hall of Fame songwriter ("Rainbow Connection," "Evergreen," and "We've Only Just Begun"). Winner of a 2014 album of the year Grammy as a collaborator on Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" and President of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), he is a major public force in the recovery movement, a graduate of UCLA's Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certification Program, and has served as a member of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Board of Directors. He was a founding board member and counselor for the Musicians Assistance Program (MAP), now the treatment wing of MusiCares. He has been a passionate public advocate for the recovery movement for the past twenty-four years.


Tracey Jackson
wrote the films "Confessions of a Shopaholic," "The Guru," and "The Other End of the Line," among others. She has also written twelve TV pilots, and created the series "Babes" for Fox TV. Tracey wrote, directed, and starred in the controversial documentary "Lucky Ducks," which can be seen on Amazon, Journeyman Docs, and pay for view. Her first book, Between a Rock and Hot Place: Why Fifty is Not the New Thirty, came out in 2011 and was optioned for a TV movie by Lifetime. Tracey blogs on www.traceyjacksononline.com, and has blogged for Huffington Post, WOWOWOW, Society for Drug Free America, Tiny Buddha, and various other sites.


 The Luncheon Society

is a series of private luncheons and dinners that take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Boston.  We essentially split the costs of gathering and we meet in groups of 20-25 people. Discussions center on politics, art, science, film, culture, and whatever else is on our mind. Think of us as "Adult Drop in Daycare." We've been around since 1997 and we're purposely understated. These gatherings takes place around a large table, where you interact with the main guest and conversation becomes end result.  There are no rules, very little structure, and the gatherings happen when they happen. Join us when you can.


Hope you can join us.


Bob McBarton 

[email protected]

The Luncheon Society

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Twitter:  @LuncheonSociety

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