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Natural Sciences & the Environment
December 2019
This Month's Featured Titles
History, flora and fauna of Te Hauturu-o-Toi/
Little Barrier Island
Edited by Lyn Wade and Dick Veitch

Often described as the most intact native ecosystem in the
country, Hauturu holds a special place in the minds of all New
Zealanders interested in preserving the country’s unique natural
heritage. Written by experts across a range of fields, there are
detailed chapters on the island’s plant and animal species, and
the efforts to protect them, its geology and the seas around it,
along with comprehensive species lists, all helping to convey the immense biodiversity of the island. The story of Hauturu is not just of its wildlife, but of the people who have lived and worked there. There are chapters on its early history, its beginnings as the country’s first nature reserve, and the conservation work that has been going on there for over 100 years.

ISBN 9780995109582
Massey University Press
A River with a City Problem
A History of Brisbane Floods
By Margaret Cook

When floods devastated South East Queensland in 2011, who
was to blame? Despite the inherent risk of living on a floodplain,
most residents had pinned their hopes on Wivenhoe
Dam to protect them, and when it failed to do so, dam operators
were blamed for the scale of the catastrophic events that
followed. A River with a City Problem is a compelling history
of floods in the Brisbane River catchment, especially those in
1893, 1974, and 2011. Extensively researched, it highlights
the force of nature, the vagaries of politics, and the power of
community. With many river cities facing urban development
challenges, Cook makes a convincing argument for what must
change to prevent further tragedy.

ISBN 9780702260438
University of Queensland Press
Dragonflies and Damselflies of New Zealand
By Milen Marinov and Mike Ashbee

This book is a beautifully illustrated natural history and field
guide to New Zealand’s extraordinary dragonflies and damselflies. Superb flyers with extraordinary vision and startling
colors, dragonflies and damselflies are exquisite examples of
evolutionary adaptation and a favourite of nature lovers around
the world. This book is a beautifully illustrated natural history
and field guide to New Zealand’s 14 species of dragonflies and

ISBN 9781869408923
Auckland University Press

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