October 2016
CBS ArcSafe® Is Invested in Your Arc-Flash Safety

We founded CBS ArcSafe more than 10 years ago with a single purpose: to save you and your employees from the dangers of arc-flash burns, injuries, and death.
That's why CBS ArcSafe has spent millions developing its lines of universal remote racking and remote switching solutions. Simply put, CBS ArcSafe's products keep more technicians safe from arc flash than any other remote racking or switching solution in the world. Our unparalleled product portfolio can safely operate practically every breaker, switch, and motor control made since World War II - more models than any of our competitors. And we do it without any modifications to your protective enclosures.
At CBS ArcSafe, Distance is Safety ®. But we also believe Knowledge is Power.

That's why we've developed this newsletter to keep you informed of important standards, incidents, and solutions surrounding arc flash. For example, CBS ArcSafe recently added an OSHA Resource Page under the News section of our website. Now, CBSArcSafe.com can be your one stop for all things related to arc flash. On our new OSHA Resource Page you will be able to read more about arc-flash incidents, government responses and findings, new standards, best practices, and much more.
These are exciting times for all of us at CBS ArcSafe. We do what we love, and based on our success, you love what we do. Thank you for your continued trust in CBS ArcSafe. If you have any questions or ideas about how we can serve the electrical markets better, call or email us anytime.
Ashley Ledbetter McWhorter , President
CBS ArcSafe New Products
OH&S Honors ArcSafe's Remote Racking with Sixth and Seventh New Product Awards

CBS ArcSafe's remote racking products have once again been selected as safety products of the year, this time by Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) magazine. OH&S editors chose the RRS-3 SecoVac (IEEE) and RRS-3 DB-50 products as the most innovative new electrical safety products to hit the market in 2016. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Remote Switching Solutions
New RSA-57T Operates Square D N-Frame MCCBs up to 300 Feet Away

CBS ArcSafe recently announced its remote switch actuator (RSA) for the Square D N-Fame molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB). The RSA-57T allows technicians to remotely close or trip the MCCB from a safe distance while remaining outside of the arc-flash boundary.
CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking Solutions
Another CBS ArcSafe Innovation
PD Alert: Partial Discharge Sensor Provides the First Layer of Arc-Flash Defense

In the event of an insulation break, CBS ArcSafe's PD Alert partial discharge sensor uses radio frequency noncontact sensors to issue a visual strobe alarm or digital alarm via email or SMS text message. PD Alert can be used as a stand-alone unit or with any of CBS ArcSafe's remote racking systems. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos
RRS-3 Video Reviews Single-Use Remote Racking Solutions

The CBS ArcSafe RRS-3 product line comprises various application-specific remote breaker racking devices. Each stand-alone system allows service personnel to remotely install and remove a particular type of circuit breaker while stationed safely outside of the arc-flash boundary during the potentially dangerous operation. The lightweight and compact design of the RRS-3 systems makes them ideal for hard-to-access areas where space is at a premium. Watch now.

EHS Today Webinar: Employing Remote Operation to Prevent Electrical Arc-Flash Casualties Webinar Is Now Available On Demand! If you missed CBS ArcSafe's arc-flash safety webinar this summer, you can still watch now.
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