­ITRC Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
Guidance Document Update
ITRC’s PFAS Team is pleased to announce the release of the updated PFAS-1 Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document. This update includes a brand new section on Surface Water Quality and significant revisions for Ecological Risk Assessment. Other sections of the document have also been selected for additional content, including information in Chemistry and Terminology, Best Management Practices for Firefighting Foams, Phase Partitioning, PFAS Uptake into Plants, Ecological Toxicology, and Site Characterization.
The 400+ page document also includes case studies and stakeholder perspectives, discusses technical challenges in addressing PFAS, and provides additional references to relevant scientific literature. The ITRC PFAS team is continuing their work to develop more extensive updates and new content that will be published later this year.

Additional Information on PFAS

10 training videos are integrated in this online document to support users' understanding of the subject matter. The videos are 20-30 minutes long and each address a specific PFAS topic. The lecture-style videos are based on the widely successful and popular ITRC Classroom Training: Managing PFAS Contamination at Your Site, that has been presented around the country to thousands of environmental practitioners since 2018. The videos are FREE and can also be found on ITRC's Youtube Channel!
PFAS Experts Roundtable

Hosting roundtable discussions through EPA's Clu-In site, the ITRC PFAS team has provided environmental and public health professionals the opportunity to communicate with ITRC's internationally recognized PFAS experts, and to ask their most pressing questions on the subject. Each roundtable discussion concerns different subjects, ranging from Naming Conventions and Sampling and Analytical Techniques to Fate and Transport, AFFF and Health Effects. Stay tuned to Clu-In for future training sessions. You can visit ITRC's PFAS Training Page for additional information.

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