July 29, 2016
Non-Members Newsletter
International Dealer Conference: Agenda Announced + Early Registration Discounts Ending Soon
Things are coming together nicely for the 2016 International Dealer Conference that will be hosted at the incredible ARIA Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 27 - 29, 2016.

Don't forget that NAATA's early registration discounts are expiring soon. The prices for this year's conference are as follows:
  • July 16 - Sept 1 - members $625, non-members $700
  • Sept 2 - Oct 25 - members $700, non-members $750
Click HERE to register for the International Dealer Conference.

We're also pleased to announce our initial agenda.

On Thursday, October 27th, guests will check in, receive their credentials, and enjoy an intimate reception.

On Friday morning, October 28th, all members in good standing will attend the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Starting Friday at 10 AM, members will be engaged with dynamic workshops, round table discussions, panels and presentations for all delegates, followed by an evening reception.

Saturday, October 29th: We're racing NASCARS!

Each participant will get a lesson and an 8 lap timed race where the fastest time will receive a special prize! All levels of driving experience are welcome to join in the fun! Our group rate is $388 per person and includes round trip transportation to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Final dinner planning for Saturday, October 29th will be announced prior to the conference with an option for all delegates to register. For those staying in Las Vegas for the SEMA Show, stay tuned for optional events on Sunday and Monday, October 30 and 31. Click HERE to register for the International Dealer Conference.

The 2016 SEMA SHOW happens right after the International Dealers Conference. The show will be held November 1 - 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and registration is now open. Don't miss out on the chance to attend both of these great events!   

The International Dealer Conference is brought to you in part by ADAM Fine Cars, CNA, AFEX, Navacord Company and Jones Deslaureiers.    

How to (Almost) Fail at Importing a Car to the United States: an Idiot's Account
If you're bringing in a car from Canada, here's what not to do.

Any time you get a phone call from Geoff Hacker, you know that something interesting is in the works. This time around was no different: Hacker and Rick D'Louhy, his partner in fiberglass-hunting crime, happened to be in Michigan to drop off one oddball car and scoop up two others.

One of the two, a 1961 La Dawri Sicilian -- an uncharacteristically pretty, uncharacteristically successful, kit car manufactured in California and initially known as a Victress C2-- was sitting across the Michigan border in Sarnia, Ontario. Hacker wondered if I might be interested in tagging along for the pickup on short notice; the purchase had already been negotiated.

Sure thing! Only, at the last minute...

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New PIERS Report Available for Members Only
We have a new PIERS Report  available for members to download. You can become a member of NAATA by clicking HERE.

As part of their paid dues, members receive the Piers Report published by the Journal of Commerce.  NAATA/AASA provides this report to members (saving our members over $10,000 a year in export reporting) As we stated in previous publications, there are other purveyors (data mining companies) that are publishing import/export data that is received directly from Customs and Border Protection.  Although other sources are publishing the data, the Piers report continues to be the primary source of vehicle export data that is published.

The US Customs Code allows for release of export data at their discretion, although there is a process to apply for an exception to their data release.  For more information on how to apply for such exception, please contact Tahverlee@naata.org. 

For exports out of Canada, the information is not released to the public outside of census data collection (unless a vehicle stops at a US port - at which time the data can be reported on US reports if the container is removed from the shipment).

Members can utilize the report to determine market trends by sorting the list by destination country, make/model of vehicles, or even determine which of their vehicle VIN's are reported.  This invaluable tool has a multitude of information for members! For more information, contact Tahverlee@naata.org .
How Globalization of Data Impacts Exporters
Often times we consider the release of vehicle data by the customs agencies as being our primary concern in our industry. However, there are also other factors to consider when contemplating how your exported vehicle information could be provided to the manufacturer. Long gone are the days when a piece of tape over the VIN or a "Don't worry, I'm not shipping this to the USA," could offer some peace of mind. 
Over the last few years, it seems that every week there is a new recall, safety issue or emissions scandal. The most recent recall of the Takata airbags could total a staggering 100 million effected vehicles worldwide. These vehicles must be repaired before 2019. As a result, manufacturers are forced to be more aware of who owns the vehicle and where they are located. Today's technology provides the manufacturers numerous databases detailing where vehicles are titled, repaired, registered or serviced.  Who hasn't opened their mailbox/email recently to find a recall notice for a vehicle from years ago! Furthermore, it is also the governments that are increasing the pressure on the manufacturers to provide recall solutions for vehicles appearing in their registration databases.