Message from the President & CEO
Same great content, same great facilitators, new method of delivery. 

We have all experienced changes due to COVID-19. These changes, both personally and professionally will continue in the months to come. Most of these changes have been thrust upon us and are unwelcome. I am reminded of the Change Curve developed by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1969 to explain human reaction to death and dying. Today it is used by many to explain the phases we go through during change. 

As leaders, it is our responsibility to move first ourselves then our employees and our business through this curve. MCE has hit the bottom of the curve. We have said good-bye to amazing colleagues and distributed their job responsibilities amongst the already busy remaining team, we have adjusted to working from home and like many others, we have our team meetings and client calls via Zoom. Most importantly, we have supported each other, through the shock, denial, frustration and yes, depression.  

We are in, what I like to call, Phase 2. We are rebuilding and reshaping our business and we are well on our way. We are moving up the curve. Quickly.

MCE was founded on the premise of strong Instructional Design that was not only on the cutting edge of knowledge, but was delivered in an interactive, engaging way. This methodology has produced great results with clients throughout the years and a large part of that success was bolstered by the fact training was delivered face-to-face.

We all know that face-to-face training will be a challenge for many months to come. That doesn’t mean that the same level of engagement and the ‘MCE Experience’ can not be enjoyed virtually in safe surroundings.

MCE has been exhaustively planning and building a virtual platform to deliver training the ‘MCE way’. This means participant engagement, interaction, games, quizzes, and thought-provoking exercises that stimulate both the brain and the heart. 

Many of you have participated in our live webinar series and have provided wonderful feedback.  

“I found the context and suggestions shared to be very practical. I look forward to “sinking into” the reflection questions provided to reinforce my equilibrium and resiliency through the challenging moments.”

“The timing of the content presented today was spot on and was the shot of energy I needed. I can’t wait to get my hands on the recorded version so I can share it with staff who were unable to participate today. Thank you!”

“I think Sandra (Summerhayes) did a fantastic job presenting via the web. And thanks to Aisha (Zafar) for moderating so well.” 

Others, customers and facilitators, have bravely collaborated with us as we converted full day courses, like Future Ready Leadership into this new reality. A whole day of virtual learning is a lot to expect of participants. We understand that. As a result, MCE has developed a format that focuses on engagement, group learning, self-reflection, interspersed with breaks and as always highly skilled facilitators. 

We look forward to working with you as we move up the curve together. 

Same great content, same great facilitators, new method of delivery. 

For more information. Please visit Coming Face-to-Face With Virtual Training

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Thank You. Sincerely.
We have always welcomed feedback on our courses, none more important than providing and improving upon a new method of delivery - virtual.

We have conducted 4 virtual training sessions and 3 webinars since the time of last writing, continuously refining our design and learning outcomes along every step of the way.

We remain as dedicated as ever to the MCE experience of well-designed, interactive training, and are using this space to give a shout-out to some of those who have enjoyed and benefited from this new method of delivery. We thank you. Sincerely.

Your continued support keeps us dedicated to your experience, and we will continue to work hard on your behalf. As Audie stated above, "we look forward to working with you as we move up the curve together."
On "Improving Effectiveness of Remote Teams" webinar;

It was very well done. I really liked the interactive components. It's not something you see often and it was great to hear other thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

On "Virtual Customer Service Training";

I just wanted to thank you for the customer service training that was provided by you yesterday. Furthermore, I just wanted to express my thanks, as being on the road for 10+ years and having gone through multiple corporate and customer service training, as well as multiple customer service roles in the past, this was hands-down the best training that I have been provided. It was adaptive to both experienced and new recruits and I see great value in this.
Virtual Learning: Summer Series Announcement
The MCE Summer Series has gone virtual! Same great content as our face-to-face
training - just at a safe distance!

We are offering 3 of our more popular courses that will touch on a ‘new reality’ and
feature content that reflects both remote and face-to-face work. These courses remain highly
interactive, complete with live chat, exercises, quizzes, and much more. Most importantly,
you will be able to use the knowledge gained to create a personal learning plan for future
development, regardless of the business you are in.

These courses are expertly facilitated for anyone working with customers, the public, or
co-workers. Are you looking for new tips and tools to use in a remote or in-person setting?
Feel assured that the content is current and adaptable to future realities!

Follow the links below for more information on these courses.

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