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Fresh Ink
We've got a lot of new paperbacks for you, some signed first editions, and a newly minted Pulitzer! 

Riordan's hit series continues in paperback, and with new bonus stories!  
Tayari Jones    
Another bestseller hits paperback as this Oprah Book Club Pick lands. It's a story of a young marriage tested by a wrongful imprisonment. Can a couple make a family while fighting against a system determined to tear them apart?   

Richard Powers   
It's a month of new paperbacks AND award winners. The Overstory cannot be explained. It's both fiction and not. Drama, horror, mystery, magnificence, and as sweeping in scope as anything you'll read this year. It's all of those things, and now, it's a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction.  
Jeff Kinney   
While the Diary of a Wimpy Kid hasn't won a Pulitzer, it's always fun to read a new volume in the adventures of...wait a minute. Who is this? The journal of Rowley? Well, it should be interesting to finally hear what this world looks like through the eyes of Rowley and Greg. We guess?   
Alexander and Nelson team up for an unforgettable book of the beauty and strength of a people. Based on the poem written for an ESPN special, it's a gorgeous volume filled with pain and power.   
  Don't Let Them Disappear
We have a (VERY) limited amount of editions of this picture book signed by Clinton. Hurry in today to snatch one - but if you're too late, you can still get this book that teaches valuable lessons about incredible and endangered creatures.  

Have you seen our guest list for IBD 2019?
Saturday, April 27th

We've been slowly releasing all the names of our guests for Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday, April 27th. Here is our list so far, but make sure to keep checking our website HERE to see updates as we get more names!

The Game Board
Our game expert has the new hit!  

A card game of math and chips! For ages 8 and up for 3-7 players, from AMIGO GAMES.

"Take It . . . or Let It Go?
It sounds so simple, and it is: Take a card or pay one chip. If you take the card you get its points, but points are bad. But you also get the chips that others have played, and that's good (each chip nullifies one point). So say, "No thanks!" and play your chips, but watch out: When you're out of chips, that card's all yours."

here to check out a how-to video from AMIGO on Youtube!
Education Corner
You may remember us doing a feature on Peter Reynolds' new book, SAY SOMETHING! a few issues back. Well, the incredible creator behind this and THE DOT has a sweepstakes just for teachers!
Click here for all the cool details.

We're bringing in two educators who have created a wonderful new curriculum book for our Independent Bookstore Day event this month!  
We're having a purse sale!

Just in time for Mother's Day, we are having a sale on select purses from our inventory! Come in to the store between now and Mom's special day to get 25% off! 
RSVP for your FREE Jacqueline Woodson Tickets

If you haven't already, stop in our store today or visit our website here to RSVP for your free tickets to see Jacqueline Woodson in Denver in May! As of writing this we're down to our last 50 tickets, so you might want to HURRY!


Saturday, April 20th - THE GOOD EGG celebration
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Saturday, April 27th - Independent Bookstore Day 2019