NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley Sedona
New Paradigm Experiences
Advancing Into 5th Dimension
September 14, 2017 - Issue 2017 #1
Dear Angel Valley Friends,

It has been a while since we last shared in a newsletter all the exciting transformations that are happening at Angel Valley. We are always experiencing the exact right number of groups, overnight guests, and individual day visits, with more people embracing spontaneity than ever before. When people ask us when is the right time to come and experience Angel Valley, we always give the same answer: When your Heart Tells You That It Is Time!

Shifts are happening on the planet, on a global, physical level and on an individual, emotional and spiritual level!!! More and more people realize that stepping into their heart is crucial, dealing with whatever fears are brought up, and finding the courage to change their life at its core!

In this newsletter we announce 3 topics:

NuLEMURIA, Advancement Center
In 2008, we received a vision from Archangel Michael about manifesting a New Paradigm at Angel Valley. In 2014, Archangel Michael revealed to us that Angel Valley is a modern day version of Lemuria.
We are sharing an
 invitation, and guiding principles of NuLEMURIA.

NuLEMURIA has been, is now, and will be on a journey of birthing a New Paradigm Reality, with a 5th-dimensional consciousness. We are in unchartered waters with no  map and no role model. Being one with our true heart nature is an exciting adventure of manifesting the reality we prefer.

Night Sky Reiki Healing Sessions
with Christina Wooten, on September 18, 20 & 21,
in the Chartres Labyrinth at Angel Valley. .
Are you up for a unique experience? We can tell you from our personal experience, that this IS special!!! Contact   Christina

A channeling event with Adronis from Sirius,
channeled by Brad Johnson,  on September 22-24.
We have known Adronis and Brad Johnson since 2014, and have been impressed by the clear and insightful messages he brings to us humans.
We are looking forward to welcome Adronis to Angel Valley!

Adronis from Sirius,
channeled by
Brad Johnson from Vancouver, BC

Event Schedule
Friday, September 22
5:30PM - 6:30PM Dinner (for those with full lodging package A)
7:00PM - 8:30PM Free Introduction / Meeting Adronis and Brad Johnson - partly channeled - Please, RSVP!

Saturday, September 23
7:30AM - 8:30AM Breakfast (for those with full lodging package A)  
9:00AM - 9:45AM Check In
9:45AM - 10:00AM Soundbath w harp, bowls and digeridoo.
10:00AM - 10:30AM Light Circuitry Attunement Meditation Practice with Brad.
10:45AM - 12:45PM Channeling Adronis: New Earth Teaching Part 1 w Q&A related to topic.
1:00PM - 2:00PM Lunch (for those with Packages A, B and C)
2:30PM - 3:30PM Channeling Adronis: New Earth Teaching Part 2 w Q&A related to topic.
3:45PM - 5:30PM Adronis Open Q&A with Audience
6:00PM - 7:00PM Dinner (for those with Package A, B and C with dinner)
7:30PM - 8:30PM Adronis Meditation in the Chartres Labyrinth: Nulemuria Advancement Center / 4D & 5D

Sunday, September 24
7:30AM - 8:30AM Breakfast (for those with Package A and B) 
10:00AM - 12:00PM Channeling Adronis: New Earth Teaching Part 3 w open Q&A 
12:30PM - 1:30PM Lunch (for those with Package A and B)

2:00PM - 5:30PM Private Sessions with Adronis of 30 or 60 minutes (schedule is filling up quickly!)
For appointments, please, contact Angel Valley Staff 

Monday, September 25

Option for Private Sessions with Adronis of 30 or 60 minutes
For appointments, please, contact Angel Valley Staff


Friday Night Introduction                                                          FREE
Adronis Teachings Saturday & Sunday, September 23-24      $ 177
Saturday Only                                                                          $ 133
Private Session with Adronis 30 minutes                                 $   60
Private Session with Adronis 60 minutes                                 $ 110

Full Package A for 1 person (if available):
Full Event + Lodging Fri/Sat + Meals: 2 Dinners Fri/Sat
+ 2 Breakfasts + 2 Lunches Sat/Sun                                       $ 499                                                                   

Full Package A for 2 persons:
Full Event + Lodging Fri/Sat + Meals: 2 Dinners Fri/Sat
+ 2 Breakfasts + 2 Lunches Sat/Sun                                       $ 799

Full Package A for 3 persons:
Full Event + Lodging Fri/Sat + Meals: 2 Dinners Fri/Sat
+ 2 Breakfasts + 2 Lunches Sat/Sun                                       $1,199

Package B for 1 person (if available):
Full Event + Lodging Sat + Meals: 1 Dinner Sat
+ 1 Breakfasts Sun + 1 Lunch Sat                                           $ 333

Package B for 2 persons: 
Full Event + Lodging Sat + Meals: 1 Dinner Sat
+ 1 Breakfasts Sun + 1 Lunch Sat                                           $ 577
Package C Meals only: Saturday lunch & dinner                     $   40
Lunch only on Saturday or Sunday                                          $   15

Private Session 30 minutes                                                      $   60
Private Session 60 minutes                                                      $ 110

For Registration with payment via PayPal, please  Visit our website.

'Stop battling with yourselves. humans! Nobody in the Universe battles with themselves as much as you do! "Oh, I think I'm deserving!" "Oh my goodness, I don't deserve!" "Oh, yes, I do!" "Oh, no, I don't!" And you are constantly going back and forth. Here is a little secret: You are the only race in the Universe that does that, that flip-flops so much between polarities. It's really very interesting to observe! And we keep asking ourselves: "Why do the humans keep doing that?" Why? Because they are afraid of their own greatness'.

'With your modern society's subconscious program, the only way out is by going within your heart space, where your heart's will, your excitement, joy and passion will guide you out of being enslaved within the matrix program. Once you have snapped out of this programmed trance state into your own state of light and liberation, your heart's will guides the way for everything you wish to do.'

Information about Brad and his work as a channel for Adronis, and as a teacher and healer on

If you are interested to watch his most recent channeling, where Adronis answers 5 questions around the current hurricanes and other natural disasters, visit Adronis on YouTube

NuLEMURIA Advancement Center
Know Thyself - Love Thyself - Express Thyself

Welcome Home to NuLEMURIA, an Advancement Center focused upon living, exploring, and sharing, New Paradigm, 5th Dimensional principles and practices.

Angel Valley Sedona is the home base of NuLEMURIA. As the name reflects, Angel Valley is host to Angels, Star Beings, Elementals, Earth Energies, Beings of Love and Light. Both seen and unseen beings are ever present, assisting each of us on our unique journey of becoming our authentic, natural, infinite GOD Selves!

The Advancement Center is for those who realize that they are at a crossroads, be it personal or in business. Individuals come when they are ready to advance in some area of their lives, committed to shift the beliefs they hold that have created a reality they no longer prefer. 

The following statements are foundational principles of NuLEMURIA and Angel Valley, that can be used as mantras to live by.
Know Thyself:
* In my world and in my individual bubble reality, I am GOD, manifestor of all things!
* My state of being with all its beliefs, creates my reality; outer circumstances do not!
* I am always blessed, guided, protected, supported, and loved!
Love Thyself:
* I love, value, and respect myself more than anyone or anything!
* I listen with my heart; I think with my Heart; I feel with Our Heart!
* I trusting my heart's invitations, guidance, and inspiration!
Express Thyself:
* I am acting on my heart's highest excitement, joy and passion, without any expectation or attachment to a specific outcome!
* I fully express myself, entirely through my heart space!
* I live life as my true, natural self!

If you have any comments or questions for us, feel free to contact us. 
or by phone (928) 634-1320.

Michael and Amayra Hamilton
Are your ready to take a leap of faith -
advancing into the unknown?
When you are ready, any of your individual issues and challenges, or any of the above statements/mantras, are possible themes of exploration! We assist those who feel a resonance with Angel Valley and NuLEMURIA, and who are committed to change!

15 - 30 Minute Introduction - Free
1 Hour Exploration - $144.00
1½ Hours Exploration - $188.00
3-Day, 7-Day, 13-Day Intensives. Rates upon request.

Visit Angel Valley Sedona

Come for a Day Visit to Angel Valley
and enjoy our magical sacred sites:
the Chartres Labyrinth, the 7-Circuit Labyrinth,
the Medicine Wheel, the Angel Wheel, the Water Wheel,
the Angel Sites and the Vortex Circles.

One of the fascinating skies during this generous monsoon season, that is still continuing! We are grateful for the amount of rain we have received!

We are looking forward to see you at Angel Valley
in the near future!

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