April 2015
April PSS AccuSizer & Nicomp News
We hope you find the April edition informative. This month we provide several technology updates including an application note on liposomes, a summary of the benefits of buying a Nicomp DLS system  and a link to an article on measuring aggregated proteins. We also invite you to attend a webinar on the technology and applications of the Nicomp DLS system.

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Attend a Webinar on the Nicomp DLS System: Technology and Applications


The Nicomp dynamic light scattering (DLS) system can measure both particle size and zeta potential across a broad range of sample types. What makes the Nicomp unique is a combination of algorithms and accessories that make it easy for users to generate outstanding data. This webinar will discuss, in detail, the technical advantages of the Nicomp DLS system and show application results that highlight the kind of data generated over a range of samples.


Register for the Webinar on Tuesday May 19 at 1:30 PM EDT

Liposomes Application Note


Liposomes are spherical engineered particles made of phospholipids used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The size and surface charge of liposomes are important characteristics that require measurement and monitoring. This application note describes how the Particle Sizing Systems Nicomp DLS system and AccuSizer SPOS system are used in laboratories around the world for the accurate measurement of the size and charge (zeta potential) of liposomes.


Download the Liposomes Application Note

Why Buy a Nicomp DLS System?

The Nicomp DLS system includes unique algorithms and accessories that make it easy to generate outstanding particle size and zeta potential data. This short document explains the reasons why the Nicomp is the system you should consider placing in your laboratory.

New Web Page: Introduction to The AccuSizer SPOS System
Please visit our new web page.

The AccuSizer single particle optical sizing (SPOS) system is both a liquid particle counter
and a high performance particle size analyzer
. You can now view a short introduction to this AccuSizer on a new web page on our site.

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Aggregated Protein Article

The April edition of BioPharm International includes an article entitled "Advanced Liquid Particle Counters to Measure Aggregated Proteins". This article explains the regulatory requirements to measure subvisible particulate matter in therapeutic protein injections and how the AccuSizer FX Nano SIS system exceeds these requirements.  

 Read the article