Monthly Update | December 2019
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Partnership Announcement
NAMLE and Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky Announce New Partnership
Last week, NAMLE announced a new partnership with acclaimed advertising agency, Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky (CPB). As part of the partnership, CPB will be overhauling NAMLE’s brand and public awareness efforts as well as providing financial support. NAMLE will, in turn, be working with CPB on ways to increase the advertising industry’s awareness and understanding of media literacy education and the important role they can and should play in the media environment. Read the full announcement here .
NAMLE’s ED on The Woodshed Podcast
While visiting Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky in Boulder, NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, and Alex Bogusky talk about the importance of creating a free, positive, and safe media environment as well as practical tips for being better contributors. In the first half, Michelle shares the story of losing her father in the Pan Am Flight 103 air disaster and how it shaped her thinking of media coverage. In the back half, she and Alex talk about representation, the importance of media literacy education, and why critical thinking and analysis is imperative to our future. Listen to the full podcast here .
Media Literacy in the News
“You can’t believe everything you read online. Many students don’t seem to know that.”
This article from the Washington Post summarizes a variety of recent studies which examine students' abilities to evaluate online information from a variety of sources. The article goes on to identify potentially ineffective classroom practices which prevent students from engaging real stories in legitimate news analysis. [ read more ]
NAMLE’s ED Featured as International Exchange Alumni of the Month
The U.S. State Department’s Bureau Of Educational And Cultural Affairs has named NAMLE’s executive director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, as the Alumni of the Month in an article titled, “Strengthening Democracy Through Media Literacy.” The article highlights Michelle’s work in Australia on behalf of the Department of State’s U.S. Speaker Program. [ read more ]
“Facebook is broken. Let’s all fix it together”
In this article from The Week , the author points out common criticisms about Facebook’s role in the proliferation of fake news, but argues that the issue, while in part the responsibility of Facebook, is also due to a lack of media literacy among youth and adults and requires better analysis of media in general--something we must all pursue together. [ read more ]
M-Passioned: Meet Our Members
Chelsea Attwell
The Association for Media Literacy
Hybrid Teacher Digital Lead Learner,
Toronto District School Board

"I am fortunate to be working at Toronto District School Board's newest school community.  Jean Lumb PS  is located in the heart of Toronto. As a new school we are currently building community with our students, families and communities. This inquiry aligns with work I have already done on using community as inquiry which can help educators consider how media can help educators to better understand the communities in which children live and learn in and a curriculum which reflects students lived-experiences. Embedding the key concepts into an inquiry-based Ontario Kindergarten Program and Global Competencies allows for multiple entry points. For more information have a look at   this link for the full presentation presented at NAMLE’s pre-conference “Media LIteracy Starts Young”.  I have also recently participated in two three podcasts through   VoicED Radio   including   Mediacy   and   OnEdMentors   " [ read more ]
LexisNexis: The Trust Issue
In Volume 4 of the Trust Issue 2020, LexisNexis, a corporation providing legal, government, business and high-tech information sources for libraries and research, discusses the current state of trust in various professions. The issue includes an interview with Tessa Jolls, the president and CEO of the Center for Media Literacy, about media trust, analysis, and more . [ learn more ]
Civic Online Reasoning Curriculum
The Stanford History Education Group and MediaWise have released their Civic Online Reasoning Curriculum. Based on observations of professional fact checkers at the nation’s leading news outlets, the COR curriculum provides free lessons and assessments that help teach students to evaluate online information that affects them, their communities, and the world . [ learn more ]
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