August News
Hi Janice ,

My Covid fog is lifting and I am starting to find my creative inspiration again. Although most of my time has been at the computer drawing and writing, there was a wee bit of stitching taking place. Here is what is happening in my creative world...
On the Design Wall

French Florals, a soon to be released NEW pattern, has been my computer focus the last several weeks. This beautiful rendition of a 1795 reverse appliqué quilt was such a joy to stitch!

There are currently several versions of this new pattern in the works by sisters testing the pattern, and I can't wait to show you when they are completed!

If all goes according to plan, the pattern will be available on the website for purchase later this month.

We will send out a post on our Facebook and Instagram pages when it is for sale.
More circles! TheToned Down Circle Sampler has been a nice respite from designing and having to make thread, stitch, and color choices. However, with a total of 90 circles, I'm looking forward to adding my personal touches to my sampler.

Our Facebook and Instagram page has more of the Sue Spargo circles I completed this past month.

With my creative mojo returning, I promise next month to share a couple of original designs I have added to my sampler.
This is my Sentimental Stitches Uptown appliqué block from July.

I'm anxiously anticipating the arrival of August's block later this week! Work also continues on the setting blocks.

This wonderful Block of the Month project is based on an antique quilt. The BOM is still available from Sentimental Stitches! Click here for more information and to register.
This month's Wildflower Shawl block of the month is Baby Daisies & Lavender.

Have I mentioned how much fun I am having stitching this project? I love adding embroidery to the wool shawl. I can hardly wait to wear it this fall and winter!

It is also exciting for me seeing what students have been doing with embroidery on their shawls. A fashion show may be in order the first of next year!

The pattern will be released February 2023 after our BOM session ends.
In the Classroom

Coral Bells
Hand Appliqué with Jan
(also available as a webinar class)
Coming in August 2022
1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe, Jacksonville, FL

Coral Bells, a 62" x 62" quilt designed by Jan Patek, is a delightful hand appliqué project, for both beginners and experienced stitchers!

Learn to prepare the pattern for hand needle turn appliqué using perfect placement appliqué. Then learn how to stitch pointy points, smooth curves and round circles.

This is a wonderful hand project for the fall and winter months!

If you're out of town and would like to stitch with us, the class is also being offered online as a WebEx meeting/class.

Click here for more information and to register.
Wildflower Shawl BOM
(also available as a webinar class)
2nd Saturday of each month, February 2022 through February 2023
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe, Jacksonville, FL

Let's grow a beautiful wildflower garden together as we hand embroidery this eloquent shawl. This Block of the Month class offers lessons in hand embroidery, including both basic and intricate stitches. These stitches could also be included on your other quilting projects!

Not sure if you would wear a shawl? The monthly blocks could be stitched individually and framed, made into pillows, a pincushion, a tote, or even a quilt. The possibilities are endless!
If you're out of town and would like to stitch with us, the class is also being offered online as a WebEx meeting/class.

Please note this is a 12 session class and a one-year commitment. It is not too late to join.

Stitches & Techniques

Each month this section will highlight a new-to-me stitch or technique. I will share a pdf of the technique or a video link so you too may learn along with me. Click here to visit our website for additional tutorials.

The Breton Stitch has become one of my favorite stitches to use for stems. I first used it on the Applique & Embroidery Canvas block I recently taught at The Applique Society.

This stitch is a member of the Herringbone family. Although a little know stitch, the Breton Stitch is a beautiful stitch and easy to work. It can also be used as a border or a filling stitch.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. How would you use this stitch?

Please remember the Stitches & Techniques pages and any accompanying patterns are copyrighted and FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY. They may not be copied, duplicated or shared in any format without permission.
Stitching Companions
This cutie patootie spent a few days with us last month while his mom and dad were away!

Doogan has slowed down a bit, and it was fun having puppy energy in the house!

Mario found this goat in the toy basket and it became a favorite toy once again!

Though full of energy at times, he did spend a lot of time in my lap. Another reason not much stitching was accomplished last month.

It's fun having the cousins visit!
In Closing
National Book Lovers Day
August 9 is said to be National Book Lovers Day. Who doesn't love a good book, no matter the genre, whether it be fiction, biographical, historical, or artsy, hard copy or digital.

With hot temperatures prevailing across our country, it would be a great time to curl up with a good book and escape the troubles of the day for a short time.

Where will your journey lead you?
Until next month,
Stay well, stay safe, and
Stay Stitching,