Empowered Living Ministries
                        August 2013
Welcome to Empowered Living Ministries
Empowered Living Ministries is here to serve you!


We are in CO and well settled. The move was a blessing and more blessings showing as time goes by. Thank you Lord for orchestrating this move.


Our New Address:

9550 High Mesa Road

Olathe, CO 81425


Our New Phone Number:



We are here to assist, serve, and help you in any way we can by the grace of God! May God be real and ever present in your life. God's presence is the need of each and everyone of us for our joy, wisdom, and comfort!


Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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God is a Reprover of sin, and a Redeemer from sin!
He loves to forgive and restore His people to Himself.  
We all must come to Him for this blessing.

  Come unto me all you that

 labor and are heavy laden and I will give you REST! Rom 11:28