The Set up and Enrolment Process is Vital

A new employee benefits plan brings new opportunities. A new plan can improve employee compensation, as well as an employer's standing as an employer of choice. A plan change can reduce costs for the employer, and often improves the value of the plan offering to employees.

New plan set up and enrolment can be a complicated and time consuming process. Doing it right the first time can ensure accuracy and save time in the long run.

We'll talk about:
  • Timing
  • The contract
  • Enrolment forms
  • Evidence of health
  • The Insurer(s)
  • Communication
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Reduce Your Overhead Costs, while Maximizing Efficiencies.

Our procurement services division has been making this dream a reality for organizations of all sizes for 21 years!

If you're looking to further increase your human capacity and decrease your operational and administrative budgets, don't wait any longer! Drop us a line. We've made a difference to organizations all across Canada, and we can do the same for you!

Private Sector? No problem. We have recently launched ASSOCIUM Advantage - our private sector equivalent so we can share the wealth; so-to-speak.

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Improve Operations and Procurement

We started out as a Shared Services and Group Purchasing program in 1996. We began with a group of non-profit friends that had similar operational issues and challenges. Fast forward to present day, we have taken our 20+ years of experience and grown into a full-fledged procurement division of ASSOCIUM. Through our commitment to excellent customer service; active account management; and due diligence we take the hassle and stress out of an organization's day to day operations and procurement. 
It's Not A Labour Market Problem
A recent report by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce attempts to shed some light on Ontario's labour supply-demand mismatch.

While the report does not provide a breakdown of the 733 surveyed OCC members, we can assume that the majority were small business (SME). This assumption holds with the report's contention that SMEs account for 98% of total business. The report provides a summary of recommendations with a focus on policy changes. These changes may move the barometer on addressing the skills development and training needs for employers.

However, such changes do not address a more latent challenge faced by most SMEs - the value they place on Human Resource (HR) expertise as part of a strategy for developing requisite competencies and skills internally versus a default focus on recruitment.

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pillarsPillars of the Community

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest (ACC) is excited to have partnered with Sketch, and their partner Cue, this year to award budding entrepreneurs with a micro grant to assist in the launch of their business. Through an extensive selection process, our combined panel of supporters will choose applicants who show promise both in ambition and idea, as well as need in the areas of business guidance and finance. We will once again ask our guests for their generosity in opening their hearts and wallets in patronage of the ACC.

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest has been created to develop economic independence and the opportunity for people to pursue their interests with dignity and respect. The ACC will seek to facilitate an opportunity for promising entrepreneurs in our communities to gain business skills, who would otherwise never be given a chance.

SKETCH is a platform for homeless and marginalized youth to experience the transformative power of the arts. Since 1996 over 10,000 youth have engaged in the arts and skill building at SKETCH. Learn more at or follow them   @SKETCHToronto.

CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists who live and work on the margins.

ASSOCIUM's ongoing charitable endeavours will fund this grant program, including the annual NJM Golf Invitational which is held on Thursday August 17, 2017. Help us raise funds for charity and get more visibility for your company among existing or potential clients. Please consider sponsoring a hole and complete the registration form if you are interested in attending the golf tournament of the season!

Joel's Art Transforms Story #ArtTransforms #SKETCHToronto

If you would like to be recognized in this section of our newsletter or website, please forward a short article to Your content can include an introduction to your organization to help generate awareness; it can give a history; highlight your mandate; or even give details of an event. It's your space. We would love to help promote your organization and its initiatives!
pharmacyAsk the Pharmacist: Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis and its Benefits

Medical Cannabis, also known as marijuana, has many misconceptions surrounding it. For decades its use had been banned. But over the past decade many countries have begun to legalize and regulate the use of medical cannabis. Health Canada, the department responsible for national public health, began regulating the Canadian medical cannabis industry in 2014. With the Canadian government planning to legalize marijuana by no later than July 2018 more information about medical cannabis and its benefits are needed to dispel long held misconceptions.
  • What is Medical Cannabis?
  • What Conditions can Medical Cannabis Help?
  • What are the Side Effects?
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golfASSOCIUM Golf Tournament
Think about a foursome of your favourite colleagues and join us for golf on Thursday August 17

Come on out for a fabulous day of golf at Whitevale Golf Club, a private course in the town of Whitevale near Pickering. This will be our 13th year for the event, which is held in honour of Nelson Johnson, an avid golfer before he passed away far too prematurely. This tournament benefits Broad Reach Foundation and the ASSOCIUM Community Chest.  

Our Prix Fixe covers your round of golf, casual lunch, sit-down dinner, all contests and multiple grand prize draws including a week for two on a luxury sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands!

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eventsUpcoming Events
ASSOCIUM has a Calendar of Events, and we offer exclusive use to our ASSOCIUM GAIN members!

We welcome and encourage you to send us your event information so that we can post it for you - complimentary for ASSOCIUM GAIN members. Let us help you get the word out to the public about the initiatives you'd like them to know about! We can add a link to your website for more information about your event and your organization. This is ideal for upcoming galas, festivals, performances - any event you want to invite the public to.
ASSOCIUM Divisionsdivisions
Since 1984, ASSOCIUM Consultants continues to lead the industry in specialized human resource services, organizational development and provides HR expertise
across a broad range of services.
We're unique in the marketplace providing innovative and customized Advisor services: Managing General Agent , Third Party Administrator, Claims Adjudication, Specialty Drug Management / Preferred Pharmacy Network and Human Resources Consulting.

ASSOCIUM Benefits 

Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.  

Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector ( GAIN). Recently this service has been expanded to include private small business under the Advantage banner. Our goal is to help your organization access preferred pricing for products and services as well as resolve any purchasing issues you may encounter.
Supporting the success of Canadian organizations since 1984.