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A New Podcast
About International
and Global Marketing
Is Coming Your Way!

If you read last month's blog post to the very end, you know that there's a new content channel coming to Verbaccino in May 2016: The Worldly Marketer Podcast. For anyone not familiar with podcasts, it's audio-on-demand that you can stream or download to your digital devices - radio shows, essentially, except that you can listen to them whenever and where ever you want. Beginning this month, one of those podcasts will be a weekly interview-format show featuring experts from the world of international and global marketing.

International & Global Marketing News

Here's a selection of noteworthy articles from the past month.

Nielsen: Our definitions of 'country of origin' have become complicated: "local" brands may actually manufactured abroad, and certain "foreign" brands may be manufactured locally. Despite all that, The 'Made In' Moniker Really Matters Around the World, and brand "origin" can be a valuable asset, both for global and local companies.

Euromonitor International: What are the Top 5 Developed Markets with the Best Middle Class Potential through 2030? Besides the U.S.A., they are: Japan, Germany, the U.K. and France.  An Hodgson provides a basic lowdown for each of them.

Pew Research: Based on current demographic trends, the world will be a very different place by 2050. For example, here are some interesting projections about The Future of World Religions.

Brand Quarterly: Innovating For The Changing Global Consumer . In this article, Eric Turkington & Siddharth Singh of Fahrenheit 212 go over 10 key questions that companies must ask themselves to best serve the "Rising Billion" in today's emerging market economies.

Knowledge@Wharton: In this interview, Vimal Shah, the CEO of Bidco, talks about how his company developed a pan-African marketing strategy, what the challenges have been in implementing it: Why Africa's Future Growth Is about the Long Game.

Harvard Business Review:  Why Multinationals Are Doubling Down on Russia. With the tenth largest population in the world, 74% of which is urban, Russia remains an attractive, though challenging market for Western multinationals, writes Martina Bozadzhieva .

Ecommerce News Europe: The Ecommerce Foundation has released its 2016 Report on B2C eCommerce in the U.K., including projected growth, the most popular products and services, the role of mobile, and preferred payment methods.

Moravia Blog: It's a key part of any global marketing strategy, but how do you get it off the ground and how much is it going to cost? In her most recent post,  Vijayalaxmi Hegde explains  What Every CEO Needs to Know about Localization.

This is just a small sample of the many current articles  on international business and global marketing topics that you'll find in the  Verbaccino Flipboard  magazine. New articles are added throughout the week.

#Holiday HeadsUp
for May 2016

Below are just a few of the many special holidays and observances coming up around the world
this month.

for the complete
May 2016 calendar.

  • May 1: Orthodox Easter / International Workers' Day
  • May 3: Varuthini Ekadashi in Hinduism
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo / Laylat al-Mi'raj in Islam
  • May 8: Victory in Europe Day
  • May 9: Akshaya Tritiya in Hinduism & Jainism
  • May 11: Yom Hazikaron in Israel
  • May 14: Buddha's Birthday in most of East Asia
  • May 15: Pentecost in Western Christianity
  • May 21: Buddha Purnima or Vesak in South & Southeast Asia
  • May 22: Laylat al-Bara'at in Islam
  • May 23: Victoria Day in most of Canada & Scotland
  • May 25: Africa Day
  • May 26: Lag BaOmer in Judaism
  • May 30: Memorial Day in the U.S.A. / Bank Holiday in the U.K.
And did you know that not all countries celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May? Some celebrate it on the first Sunday in May, some on the last Sunday in May, and some on a different day entirely.

You can download this calendar as a PDF document  by clicking on the link, above,  and selecting "Save Page As".

Get more details about any holiday or observance on the calendar
by clicking on the specific entry.

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