EFCA West Podcast: How Your Church Can Help Afghan Refugees Now with Tom Shook
The United States’ recent departure from Afghanistan has resulted in thousands of refugees arriving in the US to be resettled. Their lives have completely upended and they now face the challenge of learning a new language, adopting a new culture, and beginning a new life. It is in times like these that the church has often risen up to care for those who are in vulnerable situations. Tom Shook, along with his wife Gayle, work with the EFCA National Ministries as refugee immigrant mission advocates and have become experts at helping churches reach out to and meet the needs of our new neighbors. In this episode, Tom will offer creative ideas on how any church can show hospitality as well as cultural intelligence insights that are necessary for this type of endeavor. He also specializes in consulting with individual churches either in person or online. Listen to this episode and then reach out to Tom at thomas.shook@efca.org.
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