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New Evolved Nest Paper
The Evolved Nest: A Partnership System that Fosters Child and Societal Wellbeing
ABSTRACT: Although most people want children to thrive, many adults in industrialized nations have forgotten what that means and how to foster thriving. We review the nature and effects of the evolved developmental system for human offspring, a partnership system that fosters every kind of wellbeing. The environment and the type of care received, particularly in early life, shape neurobiological process that give rise to social and moral capacities. A deep view of history sheds light on converging evidence from the fields of neuroscience, developmental psychology, epigenetics, and ethnographic research that depicts how sociomoral capacities are not hardwired but are biosocially constructed. The Evolved Nest is the ecological system of care that potentiates both physical and psychological thriving, the foundations of cooperative and egalitarian societies. Deprivation of the evolved nest thwarts human development, resulting in sub-optimal, species-atypical outcomes of illbeing, high stress reactivity, dysregulation, and limited sociomoral capabilities. Utilizing a wider lens that incorporates humanity’s deep ancestral history, it becomes clear that deprivation of the evolved nest cuts against the development of human nature and humanity’s cultural heritage. Returning to providing the evolved nest to families and communities holds the potential to revise contemporary understandings of wellbeing and human nature. It can expand current metrics of wellness, beyond resilience to optimization.

ABOUT: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS) shares scholarship and creates connections for cultural transformation to build a world in which all relationships, institutions, policies and organizations are based on principles of partnership.

November Blogs
Psychology Today's Moral Landscapes Blog

I write typically about research findings related to moral functioning and living a good life. Sometimes I muse on things that I puzzle about (politics). I am very concerned about how much our society doesn't seem to know about how to raise good, healthy and happy children, so I spend a great deal of time on parenting. I also write about things that I am working on myself--the endless quest for virtue! This is an opinion blog, not a set of research articles, intended for the public not scientists. For more nuanced and highly referenced work, look at my academic work.  Read now .

Respecting Babies and Young Children
What is the best childcare in an individualistic, industrialized society?

Alexa: A Good Member of the Family?
Smart speakers and personal assistants are becoming ubiquitous.

How to Respect a Baby Through Positive Touch
How do we optimize a young child’s capacities? RIE offers a way
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Building the Nest

The Evolved Nest has been integral to 99% of human genus history and provides a baseline for optimizing normal development. Here are more details about the importance of each of these  Components of The Evolved Nest:

Check out our new Components Resources page - in progress - for organizations that support each component here . Let us know if you want us to add a resource by emailing us at evolvednestinitiative@gmail.com.
Read more about the components of The Evolved Nest here.
Fresh Eyes on the Evolved Nest
Follow the Fresh Eyes Series to discover how the next generation perceive the Evolved Nest and relate to children, before they become parents...
Play: The Opposite of Pointless

By Kelly Burke

When children aren’t provided enough time for play, they tend to be more aggressive, less able to regulate their emotions, and less competent in social situations (Gray, 2013). They may suffer from chronic health problems such as obesity or mental health issues such as anxiety, ADHD, or depression (Roberts, 2019). Clearly, play holds a host of benefits that help children develop real-world skills, practice self-initiative, and fill their bodies with the “happy hormone”  oxytocin (Roberts, 2019, p. 51). So, why does our society continue diminishing playtime available to children? Shouldn’t schools  want  their students to grow in these holistic, social ways, in addition to furthering their academic success? Shouldn’t parents  encourage  their kids to step away from technology and explore their imaginations? 

Book Review
Brain-Based Parenting: Understand And Heal The Parent Brain
What all child caregivers need to know

In their book,  Brain-based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment ,  Daniel Hughes and Jonathan Baylin describe five domains of effective  parenting  based in neuro and clinical sciences. When one or more is not functioning, the result is “blocked care,” the inability to provide what the child needs in the moment.

Learn the five domains of effective parenting in this article, as well as the four kinds of blocked care that result from unmanageable stress.

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