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May 2018
A Message from the Director
We have spent the last three months traveling across Ohio to talk with Green Energy Ohio (GEO) members and supporters of clean energy. We met in eight locations and spoke with over 125 people. Our hosts were local craft breweries, an industry on the cutting edge of sustainability and energy awareness. The range of issues discussed and the breadth and depth of knowledge reinforced our belief that Ohioans care about their energy future and know what needs to be done to secure it. Participants gave us constructive feedback on past GEO activities and excellent guidance on future initiatives. We were inspired by their confidence in GEO’s ability to play an important and unique role in Ohio’s energy landscape. Therefore, as we end our road trip, we embark on the next stage of the GEO journey with a sense of gratitude for past support, responsibility for the trust you place in us, and anticipation for great things to come. Check out the full summary of these events, The End of the Road...the Start of the Journey .

Thanks for your continued support! 

Jane Harf,
Executive Director
2018 Annual Meeting and Reception
Thank you to all who joined us for the 2018 GEO annual Meeting Reception - it was a truly special evening spent with friends and colleagues . We hope you enjoyed our summary of what we learned at the regional community events as well as hearing about the outstanding accomplishments of our award winners. You can find more details about the award winners on our website .
Athens Voters Approve Carbon Fee
On election night Athens voters overwhelmingly supported the implementation of a carbon fee. The fee is deigned to both reduce peak demand and promote energy efficiency practices among consumers. The carbon fee will amount to an average increase between $1.60 and $1.80 for consumers. The funds associated with the carbon fee will go toward local solar projects. Mathew Roberts, Information and Outreach Director for UpGrade Ohio , stated, "The carbon fee is a big milestone, proving that people are willing to pay more for their electricity to directly support clean energy development in their community. However, the carbon fee that passed in Athens would not be possible without a deregulated electricity market. To attempt this in other parts of Ohio, or other states with this policy framework, means that we need continue to highlight the value community choice aggregation can provide to growing local clean energy economies.”
In Other News...
First Solar Bringing Jobs to Toledo
First Solar recently announced that it will be opening a 1.2-gigawatt solar manufacturing facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. That plant will produce the company's Series 6 thin-film PV modules. Once the facility enters full production mode in late 2019 it is expected create over 500 new jobs in the state. While Ohio is normally thought of as a leader in wind turbine manufacturing, this new plant will balance the scales while providing us the opportunity to become a leader in renewable energy jobs. (Photo courtesy of First Solar)
Our Ohio Partners
Sierra Club - Ready for 100 Campaign
This month we want to spread awareness for the Central Ohio Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign, aimed at supporting a transition to 100% renewable energy for Columbus by 2050. Since its creation last fall, the campaign has garnered support for renewable energy through community outreach, creating fact sheets to support a 100% renewable energy transition, and organizing petitions asking the city to share support of their goal. The picture to the right also shows the campaigns Earth Day event where they organized an aerial photo to show community support for renewable energy. This year they will be working on building a consensus among businesses, organizations, and citizens across Columbus in support of 100% renewable energy. If you would like to get involved you can fill out their volunteer survey .
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