We are pleased to release a new poll today that finds American voters want politicians to listen to scientists and experts regarding how to handle the coronavirus pandemic. The poll , conducted with Climate Nexus and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication also found a majority of voters support financial relief for hospitals, small businesses, and renewable energy companies, while fewer than half support bailouts for oil and gas companies, cruise lines, and casinos.

Responses to COVID-19

Eight in 10 (80%) voters – including about nine in 10 (91%) Democrats and two-thirds (67%) of Republicans – say we should listen to scientists and public health experts who recommend we continue social distancing and keep non-essential businesses closed. Just one in five (20%) say we should loosen the social distancing restrictions and reopen non-essential businesses, even if it means some Americans will be at greater risk of contracting or dying from the coronavirus. Voters are also generally observing social distancing guidelines: More than seven in 10 (71%) say they have not left their home in the last 3 days for non-essential reasons.

Nearly nine in 10 (88%) voters, including Democrats (91%) and Republicans (86%), say politicians should trust the experts and heed their advice, even if they may not personally agree, as opposed to trusting their own instincts and acting accordingly, even if it means going against the advice of experts (12%).