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 September 2011
FableFriends,   Schoolgirl

While still "technically" summer, my open window has a breeze drifting in with the slight scent of autumn. Here in New England, the golden tinges in the trees are signaling the start of a new school year, fresh starts and new beginnings! By the way, I'm looking at a stack of my newest book, I'm Here, which began as a film to promote understanding of the autism spectrum. My hope is that this book helps all children deal with the struggle to be included and loved.
No matter what challenges you're facing, the kickoff of the school year is always an opportunity to change students' lives. We know how hard you work to make a difference every day, and we salute you for that. Please contact us if we can help you on your journey in any way.

Speaking of new things, I'm excited to share that Ish (sequel to The Dot) will soon be added to the Big Screen Books™ series! We're just putting the finishing touches on this unique way to share "Ishful thinking" in your classroom. Pre-order your copy today!

Please keep in touch. Seriously, drop us a note and see how fast you hear from us!



(and Paul & the FableVision Learning team)
. . . .
Peter H. Reynolds
Founder, FableVision Learning


September 15th is International Dot Day!

How Will You Celebrate?  

Dot Day Every year, innovative educators around the world take the time to encourage their students' creativity on International Dot Day. Last year, we were wowed by the inventive activities that educators participated in with their students. Visit our International Dot Day Facebook page, and tell us what you are doing to celebrate! You can also visit our official Dot Day webpage for fun activity ideas. New items will be posted there soon, so stay tuned! 


To jump-start Dot Day in your classroom, we're providing one of the activities included in Big Screen Books: The Dot. Download the free activity and templates for Make Your Mark and Frame It! and encourage your students to bravely express themselves.


Questions? Please email us or call 888-240-3734. 



Available For Pre-Order! Big Screen Books: Ish

Big Screen Books We're thrilled to announce that Peter H. Reynolds' Ish is nearly ready to be added to our Big Screen Books series, making it easy to share this meaningful story with your class. Ish, the sequel to The Dot (released for Big Screen Books earlier this year), inspires students and grown-ups alike to reclaim the confidence to let their creativity flow.

We've gotten some fantastic feedback on how Big Screen Books optimizes students' interactions with The Dot. How has it affected your classroom? We enjoy getting feedback, so please let us know!

Visit our Big Screen Books: Ish webpage for more information. To pre-order, call us at 888-240-3734 or email us today.

New Peter H. Reynolds Posters: A Thinking Journey


Welcome your students back to the classroom with a fresh poster decorating the walls. Start your class on a creative thinking journey with these tips from Peter H. Reynolds on living with purpose. Choose from two options or hang up both!


Did you know we now offer large size posters of some of Peter's most popular illustrations? Visit our online store to take a look! 

Product Spotlight: Words And Their Stories

Words And Their Stories Words And Their Stories is a web-based vocabulary program that revolutionizes vocabulary study. Students apply critical thinking skills and inductive reasoning to develop a true understanding of each word. Have you explored the free trial yet? Try it out, and see for yourself how engaging it is to learn the stories behind the words. After all, the more words you know, the farther you'll go!  

To request pricing for Words And Their Stories, please email us or call 888-240-3734.

Review I'm Here and be Entered to Win Original Artwork
by Peter H. Reynolds!

Book Boy Help us spread the news about Peter H. Reynolds' new book, I'm Here, which released last month! Visit Amazon or Facebook and write your own review. Once you have posted your review, let us know by emailing us (you can also submit your review directly to us). You'll be entered for a chance to win an original, signed illustration by Peter, so don't miss this opportunity.

I'm Here is a gentle story about how children - and friendships - can take flight in unexpected ways. Learn more or order today from our online store

Make a Smart Move - Enter Our Fun Competition!

SmartMoves Teachers see a dramatic difference in their students' performance after using SmartMoves, our award-winning cognitive fitness program for grades 2-12. SmartMoves combines music and movement, leading students through a series of "body puzzles" that improve focus, attention, and retention. In just a few minutes, SmartMoves prepares students to learn, transforming the classroom into an optimal learning environment.

Ready for a challenge?  We want to see what kind of smart moves your classroom can come up with! Watch the free demo - available on our website - to see how it works. Then, record students performing their own moves and send your film to us (be sure you have permission from guardians)! We'll post some of the most original moves on our blog.

To learn more, email us or call 888-240-3734 today.


Stellar Funding Opportunities for September

Grants PDF 

We're looking for ways to help get the school year off to a good start. We've added new grants to our grants PDF to help fund improvements for your students. Take a look - a little funding can go a long way!


For best results, please save the PDF to your desktop and view it with Adobe Reader.   


As always, we'd love to help you make the most of your district's technology dollars! Call us at 888-240-3734 or email us today to discuss training and workshops on all of our K-12 learning tools.

Make Time to Learn This Fall

Professional Development The Blue Bunny, Peter H. Reynolds' bookstore in Dedham, MA, and Walden Pond Press will present a professional development opportunity starting on September 29th. Teachers will be provided with pre-publication editions of upcoming children's literature, then gather to discuss the works. Space is limited, so please RSVP soon.

Did you know FableVision Learning also offers professional development? We travel far and wide to provide technology integration workshops. Let us customize a workshop for your school or district. We'll help the teachers and students in your school get in touch with their creative side! Interested? Email us today or call 888-240-3734.  

Conferences & Events

Read on to find out where the FableVision Learning Team will be in the upcoming months. We hope to see you there!  


International Dot Day  

September 15, 2011

Classrooms and Homes Around the World!


Author Visit - David Smith 

September 21, 2011 

Elm Street School, Walpole, MA  


South Texas Literacy Coalition, "Historias de la Vida Gala" 

September 24, 2011, 6:00 pm

Mission, TX 

Peter and Paul Reynolds will be keynoting at the Gala. 


Professional Development at The Blue Bunny Bookstore 

Starting September 29, 2011, 7:00 pm

Dedham, MA


Launch of the Reynolds' Center For Teaching, Learning, and Creativity 

October 19, 2011, 6:00 pm

Dedham, MA



October 26 - 27, 2011

Foxborough, MA


Georgia Educational Technology Conference 

November 2 - 4, 2011

Atlanta, GA


Kappa Delta Pi Convocation 

November 4, 2011

Indianapolis, IN



November 20 - 22, 2011

Rochester, NY



November 28 - 30, 2011

New Orleans, LA


Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference  

November 29 - December 1, 2011

Manchester, NH


Until next time, keep the creativity flowing and your batteries charged! Together we can make a difference!

Peter and your friends at FableVision Learning
Their Stories
of the

Encompass is a combination of the Latin prefix en ("inside") and the Middle English root compas, meaning "circle." This word also has connections to the Old French, where compasser originally meant "to measure." From the idea of the circle came the sundial, a way of measuring time by using the circuit of the sun's movement in the sky. Today, encompass includes all of these ideas in its definition, even though it does not refer to any specific device.


Now you know that encompass means "to surround; to hold inside or within; to include."  


To learn more about our web-based vocabulary program for grades 5-12, explore the FREE trial of Words And Their Stories today!