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New Potentials Arising
- Solstice Energy Gateway -

by Selacia

We have big changes percolating in this unique cycle of time, each of us and the collective in a massive reflection and review. What we learn about ourselves during this time can lead to new potentials we previously couldn't access or manifest. Seat belts advised. Looking at ourselves in the mirror can be quite challenging. Continue reading to better understand how to approach these moments for optimal results.


We now have several planets in retrograde, Mercury joining the list this week. Retrogrades, even in more ordinary times, challenge us to review our approaches and release past outdated methods. To have even Mercury in retrograde can be disorienting and aggravating. Difficulties with communications and timings of plans - especially in today's uncertain and often combative culture - can push one to the edge.

As stated in earlier articles, these times of review and facing our personal shadow self are essential for moving forward. Also, since humanity-at-large is doing the same thing - during a global crisis - the effect and benefit is compounded.

Big Energy Weekend at Solstice

For sensitives, the amplified energies of our upcoming weekend can be felt now. It will be solstice, along with a Cancer solar eclipse on the new moon. Add to that the unsettled energy of what's going on in our world, and it can feel quite intense.

Like with all energy gateways, solstice provides opportunities for a mega shift. This is both personal and for humanity-at-large. There is a build-up ahead of the gateway, too, signaling where we and society may be headed next.

As an example, George Floyd's death catalyzed a major threshold of change in how we see and treat each other. That one event set in motion a tidal wave of events that would have been unthinkable in any other time. Example: a serious rethinking about police brutality and initial steps towards justice reform and addressing systemic racism.

The weekend's eclipse will stir unresolved issues on a national level, including the impact of history helpful to understanding how we got here. On a personal level, look for new insights on themes of family, belonging, and conditioning. Each of these is important for self-understanding and remaking one's life experience to reflect a higher purpose. It's an excellent time for meditation and contemplating what needs to shift, what needs to be remade, what needs to be left behind.

Looking back on this time a year from now, don't be surprised if you identify this as a turning point in your life. I mention this here because during chaos when feeling unsettled and overwhelmed, we can lose sight of the real opportunity we have to propel ourselves into a dramatically different reality. Remember daily that you are in very good company now, as our entire world is sitting in an incubator of awakening and transformation.

Change Like Wildfire

People like you across the world are waking up to new ways of thinking and being. It is the sheer numbers of people, from all walks of life and traditions, that is make a difference in the pace of change. When millions of people simultaneously tap into the same image or idea, change can be like wildfire.

This phenomenon is happening side-by-side with upheaval in key countries. Since we're instantly connected, it can feel like it's happening in our backyard. Unrest in one place can stir feelings of unrest half way around the world. Why? One reason is the fact that the majority of issues at the root of turbulence are the same everywhere: misuse of power, injustice, racism, and inequality. These atrocities occur even in countries like the US often known as a shining beacon of democracy.

US in the Spotlight

Countries have energy cycles just as we do. The US is in its Pluto return, a several-year cycle that will bring to the surface America's shadow. We're seeing the initial unveiling of that now. It's like whatever was hiding in the basement away from the light is being revealed in a way that society cannot look away. Other Pluto returns in history to note include the fall of the Roman Empire.

In Predictions 2020 I wrote:

"Look for ongoing turbulence and a grand unveiling of America's shadow throughout 2020. Pluto typically stirs revolutionary-type vibes and a sense of unrest. It's uncomfortable, and there's a sense of having no control. Things are messy, with changes catalyzed over time. The Pluto energy moves very slowly. There is no quick lightning flash, then a finale. The US Pluto return is not exact until February 22, 2022, and we're likely to feel its effects for many years after that."

Regardless of where you live, you will feel the ripples of change from the US Pluto return. You can benefit from them, too. I suggest that we use this mega opportunity to transform ourselves, our society, and our shared shadow energy. Use the solstice gateway as a jumping off point for shifting your life into the higher octaves of love and higher purpose.

5 Things to Contemplate

Contemplate the following 5 things to benefit most from the solstice energy gateway. Invite your higher self to participate in this process, then go with the Very First ideas that come into your mind.

ONE. What is a basic structure of my life in need of an overhaul?

TWO. What am I overlooking that's holding me back?

THREE. What destructive pattern tends to play out in my relationships?

FOUR. How can I show up in the world in a more authentic and compassionate way?

FIVE. What is a message or insight I often get, yet haven't taken action on?

Come Back to What's Important

Remember daily that you have a larger purpose for being alive. That is more important - in the big picture - than what you do on a daily basis.

This life is not a random accident, and the timing of being here for these moments is a divine orchestration. Every person and situation you encounter is part of your journey to wholeness. Many of them you "know" on some level from other times and places before this incarnation.

You change the world by being a better and more loving person. You change the world by being real. You change the world by being willing to say you were wrong. You change the world by standing up for what is right and good.

Be willing to be vulnerable and share your real self, even when others don't. As you are vulnerable and real, you step into your true power to create the life you want and live as soul in the world.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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