New Prayers and Next Steps
For this month, we are changing up our newsletter. Rather than placing prayer requests at the end, we are beginning with several BIG prayer requests regarding upcoming opportunities and current projects. Will you join us in prayer over these now? Then, keep reading for specific ways to help us continue providing quality youth leader training around the world. Financial partnerships are what allow our ministry to both continue AND INCREASE! The end result? Young people around the world giving their hearts to Jesus Christ and becoming fully devoted disciples of His! Over 5,000 students in 2022!
1. A Government's Request
In Zimbabwe, the government has asked our Country Leader Reuben Zivagwe to train teachers in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry so that the students in the rural schools are reached and discipled!

2. 10,000 Students
This week in Kenya, Africa, Western Regional Leader, Pastor Joseph Chiteri, has been given the opportunity to speak to 10,000 high school students. Pray that these students are receptive to the gospel they hear.
3. Inside a Warrior Tribe
Last weekend, African team leaders, Nairobi Regional Leader Mark Juma, Kenya Country Leader Christopher Ochieng, and Thomas Chacha (new Kenya Eagle Leader) facilitated a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum inside a warrior tribe near the Tanzanian border. Pray that the seeds of evangelism and discipleship planted there are well received.
4. Another Powerful Collaborative Moment
This week we are facilitating a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training event on Zoom for Links International []. 
Over 40 leaders on the call from nine countries will be trained in JFYM!
5. More Open Doors Into Pakistan
Last fall, at our global headquarters in North Texas, we trained a Pakistani pastor in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. He leads an organization in Pakistan that has helped begin over 500 churches. He is currently translating the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry book into Urdu, and will soon initiate a nationwide youth leader training strategy using Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Last April, we began training inside Pakistan with an online event that brought together over 18 leaders from many different churches. Since then, 60+ leaders have been trained in JFYM in Pakistan! Please continue to pray for these leaders who are currently implementing what they learned in our initial online forum in April. 
6. Youth Ministry in the Midst of War
Last week, after a 17-month hiatus, we restarted youth leader training in Ukraine! No, the war has not ended. But churches are hungry to reach the younger generation in their country as students continue searching for answers to the big questions that are sought during times of great pain and loss. Doug Landro, current Eagle Leader and former director of our work in Ukraine, drove 16 hours to the city of Apostolove. This city is in Eastern Ukraine, where the conflict rages on. Five churches came together for the forum, where leaders were taught an overview of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Over the next six months, both in-person and online, our team in Ukraine will help these leaders implement what they learned. Although several of these churches are as close as 50 miles from the front lines, they are resolute toward reaching the younger generation of their country with the gospel of Jesus Christ NOW.
7. Abandoned and Disheartened
In 2022, over 224,000 Cubans left their country. This year, it is estimated that there will be 30,000 Cubans a month who migrate to the US. Deteriorating living conditions in the country have been the impetus for this unprecedented exodus. Pray for our leaders (many of whom have seen relatives, friends, and ministry partners leave the country). And pray for a team I’ll be leading to Cuba next month who will have the opportunity to affirm, support, and love on many of our leaders thereA praise report:  take three minutes to view this camp video sent to us by Almendares Church. They hosted a teen youth camp for students in their area. Take time to thank God for these leaders who God used to provide energized and intentional programming. As a result, that week students were saved, cared for, and encouraged.
8. Building the Team
Last week we hosted a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I came to the essential characteristic of “Build Leaders,” I talked about how youth leaders must often think outside the box when it comes to “who” and “how.” The “who” may be an empty nester who becomes the perfect fit for a small group leader role, even though the original focus may have been to find college students or parents to fill all of those positions. Regarding the “how,” some people on a team may not be ready to facilitate a discussion, but they can help transport students from one place to the next or help to set up or tear down the next event. There are so many ways to plug in different people to the mission and vision of reaching the next generation!
This “Build Leaders” concept in the youth ministry of a church is similar to how we approach building the team God is using to help financially grow Reach Out Youth Solutions. The team members don’t all look the same. We have individuals, foundations, businesses, and churches who support us.

Even the “how” is more diverse than ever. Some individuals are able to give over $1,000 a month, while others are able to give $25 a month. Some churches give as a part of their missions’ budget, while others give from the overflow of their members’ tithes. Some of our individual partners have been faithfully giving to Reach Out for decades, while others are beginning this month. Future giving is also a possibility for those that are working through planned charitable giving strategies. Some people give with a credit card while others use ACH
Recently, one of our younger partners gave us a cash donation made up exclusively from tips they had received while working at a local restaurant! And speaking of restaurants, if you are in the area, be sure to frequent Heavenly Crust []…their pizza is amazing AND we are one of the local ministries they support through their stores’ profits. Heavenly Crust is about to open their second DFW location in FLOWER MOUND, TX!

Another company jumping onboard to partner with us in a unique way is Donatio Processing []. If you own a business or know a business owner, we encourage you to check them out. The biggest processing companies in our country today are financially supporting causes that are in opposition to the truths and principles found in God’s Word.
Donatio gives to Christ-centered causes, while at the same time providing a payment processing experience that is second to none! And Reach Out Youth Solutions is a primary ministry Donatio Processing has chosen to support! 

As you’ve read through this newsletter, maybe God has shown you a way to support Reach Out that you never considered…or even knew existed!
Would you prayerfully consider taking a next step toward financially partnering with us today?

Is there a monthly amount you would commit to give…or increase your
giving to?

           Is there a pastor/church you would be willing to introduce us to?

Is there a business you know who would consider Donatio as their
payment processor?

Is there a friend or relative you could introduce us to who has a heart for the next generation?
Is there a date circled on your calendar to try Heavenly Crust pizza, if you are in the DFW area?
Is there an interest in speaking with us about “planned giving options?”
A “yes” to any one (or several) of these questions means you are increasing the capacity of Reach Out Youth Solutions to impact the next generation all over the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Some of the next steps mentioned here are as easy as going to our website. Other steps may involve a conversation with me or someone in our office. Please let us know how we can come alongside you in this
journey together.
Randy Riggins, President
Reach Out Youth Solutions