June 2022
New GMR-Flex Pre-polarization Module Enhances
Non-Invasive NMR for Quick Acquisition of Data in
Top Three Meters of Subsurface
The all-new GMR-Flex Pre-polarization Module provides a controlled and boosted static magnetic field to enable precise, high signal to noise ratio measurement and imaging of water content in the top 3 meters of the subsurface, even when using very small detection loops.

The GMR-Flex Pre-polarization Module and software also enable effective detection and imaging using small loops in high noise environments.
Javelin Micro NMR Logging Tool Enables Logging in 2in Boreholes
With a 1.75in (44mm) diameter, Javelin Micro is the world’s first wireline NMR tool capable of high-resolution, continuous logging of 2in ID PVC cased boreholes that are widely used in environmental remediation applications.

New orders for the Javelin Micro are now shipping!

Javelin Micro has completed certification testing and been released to manufacturing. Orders are now shipping.

Vista Clara Purchases HQ Building for Planned Expansion
This purchase is enabling us to expand into the full 13,000 sqft of contiguous office and manufacturing space, and provides room for future growth via a planned expansion of additional ~5,000 sqft of manufacturing space.

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