We had a nice crowd of early risers for our first breakfast speaker event at CapeSpace.  Media expert, magazine publisher and CapeSpace member Steve Gallien of Best Version Media led us through a fascinating discussion of the oodles of tools and apps that can help you with everything from organizing tasks to creating your perfect work environment to collaborating with colleagues, all for free or nearly free. 

Steve presented many cool and useful tools and elicited lots of contributions from the audience.  The prize (a free CapeSpace membership!) for the best tool tip was awarded to Amy Dowd of Coastal Marketing Solutions for several contributions including Kiwi for Gmail – described as “Gmail on steroids for Mac” and 17 Hats, for ”ridiculously easy all-in-one business management.” 

At the end of the event we were joined by Doug the Quahog who picked up some good tips from Steve, got some financial advice from our friends at Citizens Bank, and suggested that CapeSpace put in a wave pool with coral reef, which we are considering.  Many thanks to Steve for a great presentation and to everyone who contributed. 

By popular demand we will rerun this event with updated tools in the spring!

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