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Skyworks is pleased to introduce the Si4694 digital radio coprocessor for DRM for AM radio reception in automotive infotainment systems and car radios. Designed to work with Skyworks’ Si479xx family of automotive radio tuners, the Si4694 provides a new level of performance and power efficiency with the lowest system BOM.
The Si4694 is part of the Falcon family of automotive digital radio coprocessors. The Si4694 provides demodulation and source decoding of DRM for AM signal delivering audio and data. It supports all operating modes of the DRM for AM digital radio standard (Modes A to D). The Si4694 is a highly integrated device that requires only a few external components. The Si4694 generates its internal clocking from an external crystal using an integrated oscillator or an external reference clock and supports a selectable host-control interface (SPI or I2C). Combined with Skyworks’ Si479xx tuners, the Si4694 provides a complete and cost-effective DRM for AM solution. 
Si4694 Features
  • Pin/package and API compatibility with Si4692/93 digital radio coprocessors
  • Interfaces with single and dual pin/package compatible tuners
  • Small footprint and lowest system BOM
  • Advanced radio and audio signal processing
  • Offers full range of data services
Si4694 Benefits
  • Enables a single automotive radio platform design that can address all global mainstream digital radio standards (DRM for AM/HD Radio/DAB/DAB+/DMB)
  • Provides unmatched platform scalability that addresses all product segments (Low, Mid, High)
  • Delivers smallest BOM and PCB footprint with lowest power consumption
  • Ensures good DRM for AM reception in poor signal conditions
  • Enriched in-vehicle user experience
Radio Infotainment

Our family of automotive tuners and coprocessors leverages our CMOS heritage and gives designers the ability to address every performance segment and major radio standard in the world. With our unrivaled scalable approach, OEM suppliers only pay for what they need, while gaining the ability to use the same hardware across multiple product lines with a common API. Our scalable pin-compatible architecture gives customers everything they need to design superior audio solutions.

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