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January 28, 2020

Prepare to be Enlightened

Uniform illumination with sound absorbing components. Customize size and shape creating exciting new design possibilities.

The 2x2 sound absorbing tile uses the ceiling as a canvas to infuse texture, pattern, and rhythm while addressing reverberation issues.


This soft, colorful and sound absorbing downlight pendant is composed of twelve felt acoustic panels surrounding a custom LED light source distributing a uniform and direct light. 

KWYET and GLOWRING ACOUSTIC features include felt acoustic panels and customizable configurations.


25" Diameter pendant with multiple color options of  sound absorbing felt panels.


2020 Annual Product Showcase

Registration is open for our Annual Product Showcase on Thursday, Feb. 20th at the Sheraton at Four Seasons in Greensboro. Space is limited so reserve your seat soon. The event is FREE including AIA & HSW accredited classes.

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