New Firmware Unleashes A New Powerful Feature

Customized Full Color Standby Screen

Add Full Color Logos and/or Text to the LCD Screen during Standby operation

Pixel Panel Model
41002 with 41018 LCD Module
41005 with 41018 LCD Modul
Pixel Up Panels

Available with the following firmware or higher
  • 41002 Pixel Audio Module (Version 1.47)
  • 41005 Pixel AV Module ( Version1.53)
  • 41005UP Pixel Up AV Module (Version 1.06)
  • 41018 LCD Module (Version 1.47)

 Use the SaveProg Firmware update to activate this feature even on existing installations with these models.

Project Model Logo Tab

Multiple Graphics and Text can be stored for each project allowing customized screens for each entry door.
Service Door
Professional Suites
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