February, 2014

Non Directional Beacon RNDB Series

Options include: RNDB-Series

  • Frequency Range - continuously variable bands: 190 - 650, 650 to 1250, and 1500 to 1800 kHz.
  • RF Power Output - 20 to 250 Watts RF Output Amplitude Modulated 0-95%; power and modulation level is adjustable from a local keypad.
RADITEK inc is pleased to announce its new Non Directional Beacon (NDB), one of several new products based on its high power amplifier technology. They are installed on Oil rigs and airports, or any location, to accurately and easily guide helicopters and planes to their location.They are available in Power levels from 20 Watts to full 250W.


Typical uses include:

  1. Helicopters use the Beacons to safely and simply find oil platforms.
  2. To indicate the location of new airport runways after knowing the NDB ID and Frequency to guide the incoming planes etc.
  3. They are can be used for aviation and maritime guidance, up to 200 miles off the coastline.
  4. Meets the new Navtex standard to transmit weather data to ships that can be up to 500 miles away in the ocean.
  5. The RADITEK RNDB-Series can also be a dual configuration Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) with two fully redundant 20 to 250 watt carrier power, NDB transmitters with an auto-transfer unit housed in a 19 inch rack for compact indoor installation.

The systems are designed to exceed IP66 standards.

Contact RADITEK for more information, including brochure/data sheet and price at:

sales@raditek.com, or call +1(408) 266 7404.  

See other SATCOM, DGPS and WIFI repeater products etc. at: www.raditek.com/telecom


Best regards

Malcolm Lee

President and CTO of RADITEK inc