May 2016    

NEW Product Introduction! 
"Our dream was to create a premium quality, environmentally friendly and simple to install split 
DOAS that delivered the absolute best overall performance and value in the industry."  

  • 1,000 to 5,400 CFM of air handling in the absolute smallest footprint possible, 
  • from 6 to 24 tons refrigeration
  • Environmentally friendly - lowest refrigerant charge in the industry
  • Factory sealed refrigeration circuit - no site refrigeration work required to install system
  • Heat rejection outdoors via a fluid cooler - unlimited flexibility in outdoor heat exchanger location
  • Our models up to OA-012 can fit through a 32 inch doorway
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Product Highlights

High quality air handling units and systems made quickly and locally to your specifications.

Take advantage of local:
  • Local Engineering - Face to Face with the best designers in New England
  • Faster Delivery
  • Local Installation Support
  • Best Field Erected Solutions available

Contact Us  DAC Sales would be glad to help you with your next custom AHU design.

Swegon GOLD Unit Controls 
.....WEB DEMO of the GOLD control System
Try out the control system in the GOLD air handling units from your web browser with live air handling units. 

In addition to several smart and user friendly functions, significantly greater options are provided for communication and remote control through main control systems, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

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Product Training!
Acutherm Webinar Series How Therma-Fuser VAV Systems Can Help Achieve LEED Credits
Live Webinar:
June 1st  1:30 PM EST
Listen in as we walk through the LEED v.4 scorecard, discussing which LEED scoring categories can be influenced by Acutherm Therma-Fuserâ„¢ systems, and why. We will also perform a comparison between LEED v.3 and v.4. Audience questions will be addressed throughout the 30-minute presentation.

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