September 2015    

New Product Introduction:

Swegon Gold Unit Swegon North America introduces the GOLD Unit.  Now a single source for a complete DOAS Chilled Beam system.  
The Gold advantage:
  • Smallest Footprint  The GOLD Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) unit has the smallest footprint in the market. Up to 40 sq. ft. per unit can be saved and converted to leasable area. 
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost
    * Quick release filters - replacement in seconds
    * Recovery wheel belt replacement in minutes
    * Fan pullout for ease of servicing
    * Programmable maintenance schedule and alarms   
  • Lowest Operating Cost
    * Optimized motor controller with motor, unit-specific
    fan design, and casing combination for a superb
    overall fan system efficiency
    * EC fan motor 10% more efficient than conventional
    * Industry leading total efficiency of over 81%
  • Integrated & Configurable Controls
    GOLD comes with integrated controls which have been installed in thousands of buildings across the globe. The controls are the brains behind the best-in-class efficiencies, providing unbeatable value of ease of specification, reliability, and total project cost.
  • Sound Criteria Guaranteed  The GOLD AHU has the lowest overall sound power levels of any unit in its class, Guaranteed!

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Product Highlights

A Freeze Block Coil is the Best Way to Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage.     
Cooney Freeze Block Coil
Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. When fluid freezes it expands, causing excessive pressure that can quickly rupture a coil. This can result in severe damage to the coil, system downtime, expensive repairs and/or replacement and in some cases flood damage throughout the building. The Cooney Freeze Block Coil is designed specifically to protect your HVAC coils from freeze-related damages.


WebSentry Technology:  Better Pool Design

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