When a Trophy is Not for "Participation"
We all hear about the dreaded "Participation" trophy.  One that is given to every person to "make them feel better".  Where I understand why people NOW consider this foolish, I've had time to reflect on what a trophy CAN mean to the recipient.
To the children, I see that it shows effort.  It recognizes that they took a chance and tried something new.  They began learning the rules of the game, developing sportsmanship and, probably most importantly, learning the importance of teamwork.  If receiving a small award reinforces these lessons, I understand and respect the value of it.
We recently had a request for a plate.  It was for a 5 year old child who lost everything in the Camp fire in California...home, school, church, park where he played baseball...all gone.  What did the child cry for every night?  The thing that he was upset that the fire "stole" from him?
His trophy.
For adults, awards have different meanings.  We can use them to praise our winners and lambaste the losers.  They can recognize scholastic achievement, fundraising prowess and a ridiculous sales goal achieved.  However, they can also provide a message of support to someone who may need to gaze upon a monster trophy...with a message that he is strong, he can beat it...cancer will not take him.
Yes, we made this for a customer as well.
Trophies, medals and awards can be given out for a myriad of reasons.  The message can be small or large...but it is usually the words that ring in the heart of the recipient.
- A Trophy Wife

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Sales, Fundraising...Fantasy Football?
Most people will say that this is a great trophy for sales and fundraising...and I agree as I wrote our description and helped design the FABULOUS 360 Dollar Sign award.

However...we are in Fantasy Football Season right now...I also see the benefit of giving this to the winner who won AAAAHHHHHLLLL the MONEY!

A full 360 view of this new trophy.  It looks great from any angle!
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(Yep, just aged myself)
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Celebrate the season with joy and happiness.

~ Your Decade Awards Team ~

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