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Happy Father's Day!
Most of you know our CEO, Jack Silver, came out of retirement to start Silver Sport Transmissions.  His great grandson, Cayden, had a wise observation of Jack we'd like to share because we think you can relate.  Cayden mused, "Jack should be retired because he is over 60 and most people retire when they are 60, but he just loves cars so much."  You can see from his photo, 7 year old Cayden loves Minecraft!  He's quite serious about it with a tutorial on the tablet, while he plays on the computer.  He takes after Jack who also has several devices running while he works.

We wish all of you who "just love cars so much" a very happy Father's Day.
NEW PRODUCT: Reverse Lockout Control Module

Those of you with a Magnum, T56, or TR-6060 6-Speed may have noticed how close reverse is to 5th.  You could inflict serious damage to your transmission if you were to accidentally shift into reverse while traveling on the freeway. We now offer an excellent solution that is well worth the peace of mind it can bring. The Reverse Lockout Control Module will prevent your transmission from shifting into reverse unless you're traveling less than 5 miles per hour.  

You can order yours online or call us at 888-609-0023.
The Silver Sport Difference - Customer Service

We're one video away from the end of our series on how Silver Sport Transmissions is set apart from the rest of the industry.  In this chapter, we outline our customer service, from the first time you speak to us on the phone through years later when you call us to let us know how much you really love your transmission. We want our customer service and tech support to be the best you've ever experienced and we work hard to make sure it is.

Miss one of the videos?  Catch the entire series here:
Solving the Dial Indicator Mystery

Occasionally, we'll field some calls with people who just can't get their dial indicator to behave properly. We have found the source of the problem to be the instructions which come from the manufacturer.  We've replaced those instructions with our own for all future kits and we've also made this handy video to help you get the most out of your new tool.
10-10-10 PerfectPay Plan

Our 10-10-10 PerfectPay plan is the best way to save for your transmission kit. The plan is 10% down, 10% of the remainder for 10 months with zero interest and absolutely no payoff penalties. So, if you were to purchase a kit that cost $3,500, you would pay a $350 downpayment in June. July through April your payments would be $315 a month and your transmission kit would ship in April, just in time to get your car up and running for next summer!  Call us to learn more: 888-609-0023.
Luckiest Guy In the World - Steve Mehmert

Steve's story is the envy of all of us here at Silver Sport Transmissions. You can read all about how Steve got his dream car on Chevy Hardcore. We were happy to help him make his dream car drive like a dream too!
Customer Rewards - Referral Fee
Did you know we give out referral fees to customers who refer someone to us and they choose to purchase?  Make sure your friend lets us know they were sent by you and you'll get a check in the mail.  It's just one more way we can say thank you for being a loyal customer!
How To: Remove a Pilot Bearing
Pilot bearings are a real pain to remove, unless you know this trick of the trade!

In Development
We thought we'd give you a sneak peak behind the curtain in our product development shop. The Charger belongs to Kevin Shaw of Mopar Connection.  Called the "Brazen" it now sports an A41 Overdrive 4-speed automatic. You can see it at the  Mopar Nats. It's not a new kit, but we wanted some photos, video, and to make sure it's tuned up and ready for the track!

Under the beige car cover, we have a Challenger in to develop a new 6-speed kit and under the blue cover is the Torino we showed you last time. We hope to get several kits designed for it, but when it leaves, it'll have 6 gears. We'll keep you informed of the progress and let you know when the new kits are available!
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