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Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo's innovative RF and power portfolio of GaN on SiC amplifiers, Wi-Fi front end modules, transmit/receive modules, variable equalizers, and filters which serve a wide range of radar, electronic warfare, DOCSIS 4.0, CATV, GPS, air traffic control and communications systems. These high-performance solutions simplify RF and power for designers worldwide and are available at Qorvo's authorized channel partners.
100W, 1.2 - 1.4GHz GaN on SiC Power Amplifier
QPA2511 Features
  • Frequency: 1.2-1.4GHz
  • Bias voltage: 50V
  • PSAT: 50dBm
  • PAE: 60% at PSAT

Additional information:

  • Gain: 29dB at PSAT
  • 25x12.5x3.5mm SMD package
  • Ideal for military & L-band radar
Wi-Fi 7 edgeBoost Integrated Front End Module
QPF7250 Features
  • 2402-2472MHz
  • POUT: +26dBm FCC restricted Bandedge compliance
  • POUT: +19.5dBm MCS11 HE20 -43dB dynamic EVM

Additional information:

  • POUT: +26dBm MCS0 HT20 spectral mask compliance
  • 2.7dB noise figure
  • 3x3mm laminate package
  • Ideal for wireless access points
1700W, 0.96-1.215GHz GaN on SiC RF Pallet
QPD1034 Features
  • Bias voltage: 65V
  • PSAT: 1734W
  • Efficiency: 62% at PSAT
  • Gain: 16.4dB at PSAT

Additional information:

  • CW & pulse capable
  • 4.25x2.235x0.64mm pallet/module
  • Ideal for radar & avionics
8.5 - 10.5GHz 2W Transmit/Receive Module
QPF5002 Features
  • PSAT: 33dBm
  • PAE: 36-40%
  • Noise figure: 2.1dB
  • Feature rich multi-die technology

Additional information:

  • GaN T/R switch & power amplifier, GaAs LNA & limiter
  • 7x5mm QFN package 
  • Ideal for radar, EW & communications systems
45 - 1718MHz Cable Compensated Variable Equalizer
QPC7338 Features
  • 18dB slope range
  • Cable compensated slope
  • High linearity
  • 75 Ohm impedance for CATV

Additional information:

  • 5V single supply voltage
  • 6x6x1.375mm MCM package 
  • Ideal for DOCSIS 4.0 & CATV infrastructure
AltNav Band Pass SAW Filter
QPQ1065 Features
  • 1616-1626.5MHz
  • TC-SAW, low-loss
  • 10.5MHz bandwidth
  • Low insertion loss

Additional information:

  • High rejection
  • 1.4x1.2mm package 
  • Ideal for GPS & defense communications
978MHz BAW Bandpass Filter
QPQ0978 Features
  • 978MHz band pass
  • BAW, low-loss
  • 1.6MHz bandwidth
  • High selectivity

Additional information:

  • Hermetic CSP package
  • 6.43x4.64x0.89mm package 
  • Ideal for radar & air traffic control
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Championing the Right Thing to Do
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