Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo's innovative RF portfolio of GaN transistors, amplifiers, switches and control products, which serve a wide range of wireless infrastructure, broadband access and defense applications. These high-performance solutions simplify RF for designers worldwide and are available at Qorvo's authorized channel partners

1.8KW GaN RF Transistors

QPD1025 & QPD1025L Features
  • Frequency: 1-1.1GHz
  • High output power: 1862W
  • Operating voltage: 65V
  • Input pre-matched
  • Eared & earless NI-1230 package
  • Ideal for IFF transponders & avionics
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Ultra Low Noise Bypass LNAs

QPL9095 Features
  • Frequency: 500-1000MHz
  • Ultra low NF: 0.6dB @ 0.9GHz
  • LNA with integrated bypass mode
  • Gain: 22dB @ 0.9GHz

  • 8-pin 2x2mm DFN package 
  • Ideal for wireless infrastructure

QPL9097 Features
  • Frequency: 3300-4200MHz
  • Ultra low NF: 1.1dB @ 3.8GHz
  • LNA with integrated bypass mode
  • Gain: 22dB @ 3.8GHz

  • 8-pin 2x2mm SMT package
  • Ideal for wireless infrastructure
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75Ω SP6T Switch

QPC6762 Features
  • BW: 5MHz-2GHz
  • Input IP3: 75dBm @ 850MHz
  • Low insertion loss: 0.4dB @ 800MHz
  • Isolation: -34dB @ 800MHz
  • 14-pin 2x2mm QFN package
  • Ideal for CATV, satellite & FTTH applications
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45-1218MHz Variable Equalizer

QPC7336 Features
  • Slope range: 5-15dB
  • Return loss: 16dB
  • High linearity
  • Impendence: 75 Ohm
  • 14-pin 6x6x1.375mm MCM package
  • Ideal for CATV applications & infrastructure
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Qorvo is Powering Up for IMS 2018

Visit Qorvo at IMS, coming up June 10-15, 2018. From 5G to the IoT, we'll be talking about innovative RF solutions for advanced defense systems, wireless infrastructure and mobile devices.  See us at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Booth 725 or view our IMS announcements here

New Design Tool: PAE/Pdiss/Tj Calculator

Calculate the power added efficiency, power dissipation, and maximum junction temperature of your application.