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Take the family cruising!
It's driving season! The kids are out of school and it's the perfect time to take on a family project car and go on a road trip. Hit the Highway!
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New Products!
STX™ Shifters
We've lost count of how many people already had a TREMEC transmission, but really wanted our shifter after trying out their friends'. Unfortunately, our shifters didn't fit the stock transmission. UNTIL NOW! Direct bolt-on replacements for TKO, T5, T45, T56 (LT and LS), and Magnum transmissions.
SST Aluminum Shifter Handles
We have new billet aluminum shifter handles available in natural and black anodized finishes. Choose from 6, 8, or 10 inch straight or 10" laid back.

Buy Online or call 888-609-0023
TREMEC Transmission Fluid
TREMEC Hi-Performance Manual Transmission Fluid is approved for all TREMEC transmissions. TREMEC tested and formulated a transmission fluid that will optimize performance and the longevity of your transmission. We have it in stock! $18.95 per quart + shipping.

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Champion Cooling Systems
We are now a proud distributor of Champion Cooling Systems. Champion's radiators are all-aluminum cooling systems designed especially for muscle cars, hot rods, classic cars and trucks. Best of all, their radiators are known for their reliable performance and come with a lifetime warranty.

Tech Corner
Road Trip Check List
We're going to take our display and a couple of cars on Hot Rod Power Tour this year and so we're giving all the vehicles a road trip check up. If you're going on a trip, you'll want to check off this list too!

Visit our website for 15 Things to Check Before a Road Trip.
New R&D Car
This Duster will be kicking up even more dust once it loses the old 727 TorqueFlite and gains a 3rd pedal.

You'll be seeing more R&D cars this year as we do more installations and continue to refine our kits. We're always improving!
Sponsored Cars
Ryan Buck's 68 Camaro
Ryan Buck got his 68 Camaro when he was 17. It took a back seat to his Nova and earned the nickname "Step Child" from his friends. Opportunity knocked and Ryan took the Camaro out of the garage and onto the track. Read about his build and see the gallary in this Super Chevy article.

Dragonlady GTA - Valerie Pichette
We've featured Valerie in our newsletter before. She is currently out racing her 88 GTA and can be found at several events. Here's her schedule and a link her official Facebook page with loads of ride along videos.

  • May 18-19 Midwest Muscle Car Challenge Terra Haute, In
  • May 25-26 NSRA MidSouth Nationals Springfield, MO
  • June 23-24 Smokie Stadium Autocross Kodak, TN
  • July 20-21 Motorstate Muscle Car Challenge OH
  • August 2-4 NSRA Nationals Louisville, KY
  • August 10-11 UMI Cruise In Phillipsburg, PA
  • Sept 7-8 Holley LSFest Bowling Green, KY
  • Sept 22- 23 FBody Nationals Memphis, TN
  • October 6-7 USCA at Road America, WI 
  • October 12-13 Crusin the Smokies Kodak, TN

Warren County Advanced Motorsports
We told you about this special build last time, but we have a great photo to share this time. These kids are going places! If you stop by the Corvette Museum, be sure to check out their handiwork.

Roadkill Charger
Mike Finnegan of "Roadkill" found this old Charger in a barn. It has a great story behind it. The original owner built it to race in USAC and NASCAR in 1970, but fell on hard times and the car never saw the track. After changing hands a few times, it ended up in a barn. They plan on making it road worthy and then finding Joe Berry, whose name is on the top of the door. A car with this history deserved the best, so Finnegan called on SST to provide a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed with the STX™ shifter and PerfectFit™ Kit. They are posting regular updates on Mike Finnegan's Facebook page and of course, you'll see it in an upcoming episode of Roadkill.
F-Bird Brent Pursifull
Brent's 72 Formula Firebird "F-Bird" is our cover car (with SST's Jeff Kauffman's son in the passenger's seat.) It has an SST built TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed and a 416 LS3 with a Kenne Bell supercharger. He also has a 4th Gen TransAM with an SST TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed called "G-Bird". They both feature our STX shifters. You can see him at several events this year too:

  • May 18-19 Midwest Muscle
  • June 29-July 1 GG. Des Moines
  • July 19-21 Motorstate
  • Aug 2-5 NSRA Louisville
  • Aug 11-13 AXG UMI
  • Aug 16-18 NE Muscle
  • Sep 7-9 LS Fest
  • Oct 2-7 Cruise the Coast 
  • Oct 12-14 Cruise the smokies
  • Oct 19-21 GG. Charlotte
Customer Cars
Chris Kearney's 62 Vette
Carr's Corvettes does some fantastic work. In fact, the work they did on Chris Kearney's 62 Vette is so slick, it's been featured in multiple magazines already. We're all in love with it. Read the latest article in Super Chevy.

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