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ROBOTIS Virtual Product - Poppy Ergo Jr. Pi Bundle Set

The Poppy Project "is an interdisciplinary community of beginners and experts, scientists, educators, developers, and artists, who all share a vision: Robots are powerful tools to learn and be creative."
The Ergo Jr is a low cost, 6-DOF arm designed for education. It is easy to build and modify, and uses 3D printed elements along with ROBOTIS' DYNAMIXEL servos and plate & rivet system.
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OLLO for Pre-K & Kindergarten Coming Soon!!
OLLO J1-J12 Set

  • Introduce Pre-Kintergarten Students to Robotics
  • 48 Lessons to Go Along with 48 Different Robot Assembly
  • Stimulate Creativity and Problem Solving Skills
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Manual Included
  • Encourage Students to Create Their Own Robots
  • Enhance Speech, Social and Cognitive Development
OLLO K1-K12 Set

  • Introduce Kindergarten Students to Robotics
  • 48 Lessons to Go Along with 48 Different Robot Assembly
  • Strengthen and Promote Early S.T.E.A.M. Skills
  • Embedded Sensors, Bluetooth Module, and Remote Controller Included
  • Learn How to Code with R+ Block - Easy to Use Block Based Coding Software

Official Release Date - April 27th, 2020
Pre-order Available - April 20th, 2020

Product Features:

1. Python Programming Lessons included.✅
2. Assembly Manual for (3) Robot Configurations included.✅
(Assembly Manual for 3D-Printing Integrated Robot provided online.) 
3. DMS-80 Sensor included for Distance Measuring and Line Detecting. ✅
4. Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera included for Vision Processing.✅ 
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