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Take a look at some of our new convenient, stylish, and functional product offerings, available in all Affinity homes!

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Under Cabinet Lighting
Adding under-cabinet lighting can make your kitchen simultaneously more functional and more beautiful. It provides bright task lighting just where you need it, adding illumination that not only aids with food preparation but also adds a sense of drama and finish to the entire room. Our LED strip lighting includes lights and a dimmable switch.
Plugmold Hard-Wired Multi-Outlet Strip
How about hiding receptacles that are usually installed in your kitchen backsplash? Perhaps one of the easiest and most popular options is to install strips of outlets along the bottom edge of your wall cabinets where it can't be seen at all unless you bend down and look up at it. Affinity offers Plugmold multi-outlet strips with receptacles every 12”.
Flat Panel TV
Connection Kit
Legrand offers a very clever design for power and cable terminations to connect your flat panel TV leads. Recessing them into the wall allows for a cable bend radius without having to leave extra room behind your TV which allows you to fit the TV very close to the wall.
The Glenn Cove
Open layouts are becoming more and more popular, making up the majority of today’s bestselling plans. The Glenn Cove has a large master bedroom with a walk in closet. Two additional guest bedrooms, two full baths and a convenient hall laundry makes up the rest of the design. Heating and cooling this 1,120 square foot home is a very economical. The Glenn Cove will make a great starter home for a young family.
About Affinity
Affinity Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-performance modular structures for single family or multi-family residences, hospitality, and commercial structures such as offices, hotels, apartments, etc. Our modular buildings are built to the same building codes as traditional site-built construction. Affinity Building Systems is based in Lakeland, GA and provides modular buildings to independent, Authorized builders through-out the Southeast. (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee)
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