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Xenon XP Premium Area-Imager

Next generation handheld scanning from Honeywell. 
Why the XP?

  • Improves throughput by scanning difficult to read and standard codes faster – resulting in additional 2-3 transactions per shift
  • Highly reliable device lowers your TCO (total cost of ownership) <1% return rate globally! 
  • Longer scan range (compared to current Xenon) increases user productivity with greater efficiency and ergonomics 

COMING SOON!  Units begin shipping in May (Bluetooth version coming this summer).

Read more about the advantages of upgrading your technology in our blog, then contact us to see if the XP is a good fit for your application.
Dolphin CK65 Rugged Mobile Computer 
Why the CK65?

  • Built on the Mobility Edge Platform for smoother deployments
  • Faster, less error-prone operation with physical keys
  • Batteries that last multiple shifts for maximized uptime
  • Rugged and favorable ergonomic design

Why Upgrade from CK3X/CK75?

  • Large touchscreen, higher drop spec & IP rating, longer battery life, and more!
  • Backward compatible to CK3 peripherals
  • Easy software transition for TE/browser
  • Designed on Honeywell's Mobility Edge platform

Available later this month!  [learn more]
Spring is a great time to evaluate your technology needs in the warehouse. 
System analysis and technology assessment are two of our strengths. If you’re looking to optimize workflow, improve worker productivity or simply seeking advice from someone who understands the intricacies of a warehouse. We can conduct an onsite evaluation of your processes and work with you to develop a practical improvement plan which includes:

  • Recommendations on best-fit technology
  • RFID feasibility in your environment
  • Process workflows
  • Feedback / recommendations on internal and
  • Compliance labeling
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